To participate in Greco Roman Wrestling is to embrace a struggle that is unique to the sport itself. It is a different kind of battle. And the athletes and coaches who help bring Greco to the forefront deserve to be recognized in one way or another.

In the US, Greco Roman Wrestling is in need of more coverage. Of more stories. And of course, more athletes and coaches. Folkstyle may dominate the youth age groups and college, but those who dream on attaining success on the international level often don’t take on Greco until they are already behind the curve. This is a problem, and a pretty sizable one.

What this section intends to do is put a spotlight on some of the wrestlers and influencers who strive to keep this wonderful sport in the spotlight. It is sometimes a bumpy road, one fraught with obstacles and misunderstanding. Rectifying this means doing the best job we can to ensure the values Greco offers are presented appropriately.

You can make a difference, simply by jumping on board and getting involved. The truth is, if the US’s sanctioning bodies do not feel the urgency to promote Greco Roman Wrestling to a higher plateau, then that responsibility falls to the competitors, fans, families, and coaches who understand what it takes. There is no rule that says you have to be an Olympic candidate or club coach in order to aid in spreading the message. It can be volunteering at a tournament or helping sponsor a national-level athlete. It could be reading this page and sharing it with your friends.

The point is, the hard work will not get done by itself. Greco Roman Wrestling is an exciting sport when there are throws and “five point moves.” But it’s what happens that leads to those high-scoring moves that make a difference. That is where the struggle is. It is grueling, calculated, brutal, and beautiful. It is what sets the style apart from everything else.

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