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Monday Roundup: Greco Outreach, Hancock, and Mango Retrospective

Photo: John Sachs

Happy Columbus Day! If you’re into that. Not a ton of news or updates to get to, so let’s just hit it. 

Greco in the community

Last week, several Greco athletes from the Olympic Training Center went over to Oak Creek Elementary School in Colorado Springs and helped out the students who participated in the “Math Olympics.” RaVaughn Perkins, Patrick Martinez, and G’Angelo Hancock were among the wrestlers who attended to give the kids some encouragement and words of wisdom.

This trip to the elementary school on behalf of Team USA is nothing new for the Greco guys. The program is regularly involved with various community outreach activities, be it speaking at schools, the DARE program, or simply volunteering for a good cause. Most would agree that wrestlers make excellent role models for youngsters given the devotion and discipline the sport demands, and this was another example of US Greco competitors stepping to the forefront to give back to the community.

Hancock on deck

The aforementioned G’Angelo Hancock will be featured this week. Hancock, all of 19 years old, has cemented his status as one of the most promising US Greco Roman wrestlers the country has seen in quite a while. What is most interesting about this “kid” is that if you didn’t know how old (or young) he is, you’d think you were talking to some sage veteran. Hancock is a gifted athlete, no doubt about it. But he is also incredibly perceptive and seems to understand what he could be capable of. There are a few gem one-liners thrown in, as well. It is a safe bet you will find what he has to say both interesting and entertaining.


The expansive first part of the Spenser Mango piece dropped late last week. We had teased it for a while and it was in the works for months. At its base, the material is a retrospective of his astounding career. The second part coming later this week also keeps in line with that directive, though a glimpse at what’s ahead for Mango post-competition is also an element. There are more athlete perspectives involved, too.  If you enjoyed the first part, the second will not disappoint, especially for passionate fans.

What’s coming up here

  • Exciting news involving a potential Greco RTC at the college level.
  • Of course, an all-new Coach Lindland’s Report. Which by the way, YOU can be involved with. Send questions in and so long as they aren’t completely batty, we’ll use ‘em!
  • Witnessing a Sunset – The Impact of Spenser Mango Part II.
  • Hancock.
  • A new “Memorable Matches” segment.

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