Episode 7 of the Five Point Move Podcast with Andy Bisek & Nate Engel

Andy Bisek Northern Michigan

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Episode 7 of the Five Point Move Podcast features two guests, not one — two-time World bronze medalist and NMU assistant coach Andy Bisek and former US National Team member and current Naval Academy assistant coach Nate Engel. Since the 2017 Greco-Roman World Championships in Paris, France are at the forefront of everybody’s mind, we figured both Bisek and Engel could lend some interesting insights regarding how the athletes prepared, what their mindset is heading into the event, and how the performances may shake out. There are individual questions spotlighted, as well. Bisek, who stepped away from competition last year following the Rio Olympics, talks candidly about what prompted him to move on into coaching and also, why he is not thinking of coming back. For Engel, it’s a little different — he actually did come back earlier this summer for the 20th Maccabiah Games in Israel, and he shares what went into making that decision.

Bisek on why US fans should be confident in the 2017 World Team

“Think about what everybody on this team has had to go through. Ildar (Hafizov) finishing fifth in 2007 and having a pretty rough draw, but still a pretty good tournament draw in ’08. Ellis (Coleman), and everything he’s accomplished getting back on the World Team. Pat Smith has finished second so many times at the Trials. You don’t think he wants this? You don’t think he wants to break through and really do it? Or Cheney, who’s at the end of his career, you know? So many guys on this team that are really right there, fully capable, and it’s the rest of the country that doesn’t understand that these guys really are right there, regardless of what happens.”

Bisek on if he is peaceful post-competitive career

“It has its moments. At different times I felt pulled in different directions, and I felt like, Man, this is weird, having a summer when I’m not going to the Worlds or the Olympics, you know? But I’ve also been able to be like, Oh man, a fresh breath of this is what it’s like, this is life, this is living, this is laying out, and enjoying my family. And as crazy as it is, the chaos. On some parts, it is definitely different than what I’ve become accustomed to.”

Engel on coming back for the Maccabi Games

“My wife really wanted me to compete on last time and my dad, too. And I think moments like that, as our parents get older, you don’t always have those moments to cherish. So to me, to have my dad out there to see me compete one last time, my wife especially, was truly special because like I said, you just don’t get those moments. I don’t want to be 50 and say, What if? I don’t want to wrestle at (the) Veteran’s Worlds or anything like that. Nothing against it, I just love being a coach and like Andy said, you can’t be selfish anymore.”

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