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It doesn’t happen often. Sure, writers and journalists can be interviewed by others in their field. That kind of thing actually occurs quite often in all facets of media. It is an altogether unique proposition for a writer to be interviewed by someone they actually cover. But the script was flipped a couple of weeks ago when prior to leaving for Azerbaijan, US Greco Roman Wrestling National Team Head Coach Matt Lindland interviewed me (Tim) for his blog. Now, we include a link to Coach Lindland’s blog at the bottom of every weekly report. This endeavor of his started out a couple of years ago or so and has Lindland expounding on various coaching topics and Greco perspectives. However, since taking the lead role of the US Greco Roman program, he hasn’t had the same kind of time to devote to it. Considering how busy he is, that is hardly surprising.

Because Coach Lindland has been such a valuable piece to 5PM’s success thus far, he already had a running start when it came to the history of our platform and wanted to introduce it to his audience and his way of doing so was to interview me. Role-reversals are always interesting, and this one didn’t disappoint. Was it strange fielding questions from someone you normally interview? Yes. Thankfully, it was a topic I’m quite knowledgeable and passionate about.

So if you have a few minutes and want to glean some additional insights as to how Five Point Move was born along with my take on our community as a whole, then hop on over and check it out. It’s a fast read. And of course, all of us at 5PM are always extremely appreciative of being recognized. We look forward to continuing to provide extended coverage regarding the athletes and sport we all love and this was yet another opportunity to do it.

To read the interview, just click here!

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