Greco-Roman Wrestling News Is Just the Beginning

greco-roman wrestling news
Photo: John Sachs

You can look to Five Point Move for news and perspectives on Greco-Roman wrestling. You can also expect event recaps, athlete profiles, editorials, and perhaps even some guest author spots from time to time. Greco-Roman, the most popular discipline in all of international wrestling, yet the most neglected in the United States of America, will stand as this platform’s focus because that is what’s necessary if growing the sport — and creating more opportunities for athletes — is ever going to happen.

Greco News Is Just the Start

News and results will have no choice but to represent a significant portion of our coverage. In our effort to document the sport, and this specific era, accordingly, detail is imperative. We will aim to provide thorough match descriptions, as well as accompanying analysis when appropriate. Merely listing results and scores does not tell the whole story of a competition. If anything, it falls woefully short. What happens in tournaments (or duals) matters. It’s not about wins and losses, certainly not entirely. For fans to gain a clear sense of what transpired, context, detail, and accuracy are vital for achieving that goal.

Another aspect that 5PM will concentrate on is understanding the plight of the athletes. Greco-Roman on the national level in the US is a subject area widely ignored by mainstream wrestling media outlets. ESPN will show the NCAA Division I tournament, the Big Ten Network broadcasts an allotment of dual meets, and of course, plenty of other sites do an excellent job of covering folkstyle. To these organizations, that’s enough. To them, that is wrestling coverage.

It is not our concern what other platforms choose to showcase. Even when we feel the scope of their coverage is counterintuitive to the furthering of the Olympic movement.

Greco Roman wrestling is mentioned during MMA broadcasts at this juncture more than it is inside of wrestling itself. That is a confounding problem. But it is also one that cannot be fixed if there continues to exist an inherent lack of exposure.

5PM’s goal is for everyone to gain an understanding of what Greco-Roman athletes in the US have to go through in order to pursue their dreams. That precise ideal stands as the premier cornerstone on which this website was founded; to shine a spotlight on the men who devote their lives to accomplishing feats of greatness, and in spite of what too often appears to be an indifferent audience.

No more.

To Sum It Up

5PM is going to be a place where Greco-Roman fans — and just as importantly, wrestling fans in general — can learn about athletes and receive news and information that hopefully makes a difference. It will also be a platform where content quality is of the highest priority. Do not expect short, breezy articles on a regular basis. Athlete stories, their words, demand the same effort and attention they themselves demonstrate on the mat. Our effort has to meet theirs. It is a partnership. We are all stakeholders in the health of Greco-Roman. And once that is understood by more and more people, both in the US and around the world, only then will true progress become evident, and eventually, continual.

Thank you.

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