A Quick Word with Dalton Roberts, NMU’s Firestarter

dalton roberts

With the University Greco Roman Nationals fast approaching, Dalton Roberts is a name that keeps popping up. The 19-year-old Roberts is looking to make his mark next weekend in Ohio and add another crown to his mantle. If he does, that means his summer will be a busy one. The NMU wrestler also secured a spot on the Junior World squad that will be traveling to France at the end of August.

If you have yet to watch Dalton Roberts in action, you’re missing out. This 55 kg dynamo is all energy when he steps out on the mat to do battle. He’s constantly in your face looking to impose his will wherever and whenever he can. It was easy to tell Roberts had potential coming up during his Cadet years, but he has taken things to a whole other level since he has been on the Northern Michigan campus. With a solid foundation already in place and some impressive wins on his resume, this is one wrestler whose future looks exceptionally bright.


5PM: How’s training been going for the University Nationals coming up this week?

Dalton Roberts: It’s been going well. I was in Colorado for two weeks after the Junior World Team Trials and then I took a little break. I have been back up at school training ever since.

5PM: Who are a couple of your main workout partners at NMU?

DR: My roommate Andrew Ibarra, Dmitri Ryabchinskiy and a few other guys such as Isaiah Verona, Sammy Jones, and Randon Miranda.

5PM: What kind of difference has training at NMU made in your career? Did you ever consider going to a “regular” college?

DR: It’s made huge strides for me being able to train full-time Greco and being able to get a degree, too. I’ve seen a difference against guys that wrestle only folkstyle at college, for sure. I did consider and verbally committed to D3 in Illinois and planned on going there, but then I changed my mind at the end of my senior year to go to NMU. It has definitely paid off.

5PM: Should you win the University Nationals, that means you’ll be on two World teams this summer. Are you going to be training strictly at NMU or do you have trips to Springs planned as well?

DR: I do have trips planned to Colorado Springs. I plan to train with the Olympic Team for at least a week. We have a training camp out there before we leave for the World Championships in August.

5PM: Name one reason why someone should pursue Greco Roman as their style? Why did you?

DR: More like a dogfight. You can’t turn away from your opponent. Always calling for action. The better wrestler always wins.

5PM: If you could change one current rule about Greco, what would it be?

Dalton Roberts: I like the current rules. A lot of people don’t like forced being on your feet. I like pushing the pace, so I like staying on my feet. I hope they don’t change that.

5PM: Are there any Senior events you have your eye on for next year?

DR: All of the opens. The Dave Schultz, the NYAC. Really all of the major tournaments.

5PM: What have Rob Hermann and Aghasi Manukyan meant to your development?

DR: They’ve done a lot. I can’t thank them enough for what they’ve helped me with. They’re the major reason why I’m doing so well now. I can’t thank them enough for putting their faith in me and helping me with what I’ve done so far.

5PM: After all is said and done, what are your goals in the sport?

DR: Olympic Gold medalist would be the end goal.

You can follow Dalton Roberts on Twitter to keep up with his quest for a World title later on this summer. 

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