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2016 Greco Roman Clubs Cup Preview

2016 Greco Roman Clubs Cup
Photo: United World Wrestling

Two days. 16 teams. Over 150 wrestlers. The 2016 World Wrestling Clubs Cup is big on both quantity and quality. A who’s who of Greco Roman Olympic and World medalists from all over the planet are converging tomorrow in Budapest, Hungary to kick off this marquee event, and there is plenty to look forward to.

US fans who are excited to feast their eyes on some of the new blood coming up through the ranks will have the chance to see these men tested on what is for some, the biggest stage of their lives. Who is going to rise to the occasion? How will Team NYAC (USA) stack up against some of the deeper, more experienced squads? These are questions begging to be answered, as a few of the Americans are poised to make their presence known.

Wrestling fans in general certainly won’t be shortchanged, either. Several of the sport’s most celebrated stars are not only competing, but in a few cases, for clubs from other countries. Different singlets, odd circumstances, high-level international Greco Roman wrestling — this entire thing is can’t miss programming.

The event is two days, beginning tomorrow morning at 9:00am in Budapest, Hungary (3:00am EST).

2016 Greco Roman Clubs Cup Preview

*Clubs are listed alphabetically according to country (except for the host nation, Hungary)

BS Plastic-Budapest — (HUN)
A few of Hungary’s most accomplished Greco competitors anchor a squad featuring two Korean imports. One of the deeper teams in the competition and expected to advance past group pairings.
59 kg: Seung-Hak Kim (KOR)
66 kg: Otto Losonczi 
66 kg:
Do-Hjung Kim (KOR)
71 kg: Zoltán Lévai
75 kg: Tamas Lorincz (world no. 10)
80 kg: Zoltán Kéri
80 kg: Gábor Madarasi
85 kg: Viktor Lorincz (world no. 5)
85 kg: Patrik Szabo
98 kg: Adam Varga
98 kg: Zsolt Török
130 kg: Balint Lam

Europrofil-Budapest — (HUN)
Led by veteran Hungarian tough guy Martin Szabo but fueled with the youthful energy of 2015 Junior World medalist Erik Torba, Europrofil is likely to present a dogfight for other teams but is not championship material.
59 kg: 
Erik Torba
66 kg: 
István Kozák
66 kg:
Máté Krasznai
71 kg:
Krisztián Jäger
71 kg:
Róbert Fritsch
75 kg:
Martin Szabo
75 kg:
Neul-Pu-Reun-Szan Dzseon 
80 kg:
Bertalan Papp
85 kg: 
Erik Szilvássy
98 kg:
Iván Németh
130 kg:
Mózes Majoros
130 kg: Arnold Papp

Dinamo Yerevan — (ARM)
An evenly-comprised group of rising talents (and some with substantial miles logged) that might wind up becoming one of the event’s early surprises.
59 kg: Vazgen Hacsatrjan
66 kg: Karen Aszlanjan
71 kg: Tigran Toroszjan
75 kg: Hrant Kalacsjan
80 kg: Rafik Manukjan
85 kg: Artur Sahinjan
85 kg: Argisti Abgarjan
130 kg: Vacsik Jegijazarjan
130 kg: 
Edgar Hacsatrjan

Grodno-University Wrestling Club — (BLR)
Simply put: Maybe a couple of names you know, but most you probably don’t. Pavel Liakh and Iosif Chugoshvili stand out on another team fielding a majority of unproven commodities hoping to trade wins for experience.
59 kg: 
Makszim Kazsarszki
59 kg: Szoszlan Daurov
66 kg: Jaraslav Kardas
71 kg: Pavel Liakh
71 kg: Valeri Palenszki
71 kg: Andrej Dzsjambicki
75 kg: Jauheni Bacsko
80 kg: Radzik Kulijev
85 kg: Andrej Mihajilovszki
85 kg: Mikalaj Stadub
98 kg: Aljakszandr Hrabovik
130 kg: Iosif Chugoshvili (world no. 11)
130 kg: Makszim Paskov

City of Zagreb — (CRO)
An almost well-rounded roster offering up the likes of iron-willed Ivan Lizatovic and Olympian Bozo Starcevic, but one that won’t see a ton of success without a heavyweight.
59 kg: 
Ivan Lizatovic
66 kg: Daniel Janecic
66 kg: Jurica Grbinicek
71 kg: Goran Cetkovic
75 kg: Antonio Kamenjasevic
80 kg: Bozo Starcevic (world no. 6)
80 kg: Filip Sacic
85 kg: Mihael Topolovec
85 kg: Ivan Huklek
98 kg: Vjekoslav Luburic

Ethnikos — (GRE)
Coming to the party without a 66 representative is Greece. You’ll get some sprite action with this squad, but they aren’t contenders.
59 kg: Charisz Agafanidisz
71 kg: Konsztaninosz Vasziliou
75 kg: Giorgosz Prevolarakisz
80 kg: Nikolaosz Varkasz
80 kg: Dimitriosz Ktanisz
85 kg: Sztavrosz Katavelakosz
98 kg: Szpyridon Kountouratzisz
130 kg: Alexandrosz Zoratly
130 kg: Mathaiosz Eggonidisz

Bimeh Razi Insurance Team — (IRI)
The New York Yankees of the 2016 Greco Roman Clubs Cup potentially. Two foreign loaners, six world ranked competitors, an Olympic champ, two World champs, multiple medalists at both events…Iran, who along with Hungary is a host nation, has the luxury of sporting two teams but this one is the crowned jewel.
59 kg: Saman Abdouli
59 kg: Mohammad Fagiri
66 kg: Mehdi Zeidvand (world no. 12)
66 kg: Davor Stefanek (SRB, world no. 1)
71 kg: Farsad Belfake
75 kg: Saeid Abdevali (world no. 4)
80 kg: Ramin Taherisartang (world no. 5)
85 kg: Hoszejn Nori
85 kg: Zhan Belenyuk (UKR, world no. 2)
98 kg: Mahdi Feyzabadi (world no. 10)
130 kg: Amir Gaszemimondzsazi

Zhan Belenyuk at the 2016 Olympics

Belenyuk was defeated by rival Davit Chakvetadze (RUS) twice, including here at the 2016 Olympic finals. (Photo: Tony Rotundo)

Sina Sanat Eizeh — (IRI)
Iran’s second team doesn’t have nearly the same amount of punch as the first. It doesn’t mean they won’t be a tough out, however.
59 kg: Abdolmohammad Papi
59 kg: Merdad Mardani
66 kg: Ali Arslana
71 kg: Mohammadali Geraj
71 kg: Azim Garmsiri (world no. 20)
75 kg: Pedzsam Postam
80 kg: Maksim Manukyan (ARM)
85 kg: Davod Abedinzadecsdorcsi
85 kg: Szaman Azizi
98 kg: Ali Akbar Hejdari
130 kg: Zvjadi Pataridze (GEO)

Berkut — (KGZ)
Scrappers mixed in, here is another club team on display that is looking to use this event as a springboard for its youth and depth.
59 kg: Kantoro Talantbek Ulu
66 kg: Bek Konurbajev
71 kg:  Nurzhanbek Abduganiev
75 kg: R. Rahmatullajev
80 kg: B. Bejsalijev
85 kg: A. Asimbekov
98 kg: Beksultan Makhmudov
130 kg: M. Markov

RCCZ Olimpijczyk Radom — (POL)
Green as a whole, Poland is leaving its big guns at home. But watch out for Karecinski at 130 if he gets matches in. He’s one of Poland’s most promising upper-weight prospects.
59 kg: Przemyslaw Piatek
59 kg:
 Jakub Scieglinski
66 kg: Michal Kosla
66 kg: Mateusz Nowak
71 kg: Konrad Kosla
75 kg: Arkadiusz Kulynycz
75 kg: Wojciech Kanski
80 kg: Lukasz Fafinski
85 kg: Piotr Przepiorka
98 kg: Aleksander Kroczak
130 kg: Rafal Plowiec
130 kg:
 Mateusz Karecinski

Steaua Bukarest — (ROU)
All hail Virgil! Romania’s “Little Dynamite” is still in the game despite an up-and-down 2016 (along with forays into MMA). Alin Alexuc-Ciurariu had a great Olympiad in Rio and just missed out on a medal and has plenty in the tank. Romania’s team isn’t full of superstars, but a lot of them are workers and should be in some fun matches.
59 kg:
 Virgil Munteanu
66 kg: Mihai Mihut
71 kg: Georgian Carpen
75 kg: George Vlad Mariea
80 kg: Nicu Samuel Ojog
85 kg: Dorin Pirvan
98 kg: Alin Alexuc-Ciurariu (world no. 6)
130 kg: Tiberiu  Barbazan

Virgil Munteanu is going to compete at the 2016 Greco Roman World Wrestling Clubs Cup

Fans are guaranteed some action when Virgil Munteanu gets a chance to compete. (Photo: Sport Total FM)

Club MGFSO — (RUS)
You might think it’s odd that for an event like the 2016 Greco Roman Clubs Cup, a unique setting for the sport, Russia would come with the heavy artillery. Now, the depth is so significant over there that it isn’t as if the pickings are totally slim. There are guys here who will be problems for everyone. But you know, optics and that sort of thing. Similar to the World Cup in a way. U23 gold medalist Sergey Emelin is an enjoyable watch if he gets hot.
59 kg: 
Sergey Emelin
66 kg: Pavel Szalejev
71 kg: Gyenisz Murtazin
75 kg: Ilijasz Magomedov
85 kg: Ahmed Kajcukov
98 kg: Roman Juszipov
130 kg: Kantemir Magomedov
130 kg: Zurabi Gedehari

Proleter Zrenjanin — (SRB)
Another immensely strong club team. Fris, two Nemes, and a bullish Ukrainian heavyweight tell the story here. Proleter Zrenjanin is probably going to be in contention on the second day so make sure you pay attention.
59 kg: 
Kristijan Fris (world no. 17)
66 kg: Mate Nemes
66 kg: Goran Sremac
71 kg: Aleksandar Maksimovic (world no. 5)
75 kg: Viktor Nemes (world no. 7)
80 kg: Balo Petar
80 kg: Boris Petrusics
85 kg: Nikolaj Dobrev
85 kg: Valentin Cabi
98 kg: Mihail Kadsaja (GEO)
130 kg: Aleksander Chernetski (UKR, world no. 9)

Istanbul Büyükşehir Belediyesi — (TUR)
It’s serious business for the Turkish delegation. Olympic medalists Riza Kayaalp and Cenk Ildem along with 2015 World Champion Selcuk Cebi are who carry the banner for this overall deep squad. Kayaalp will likely not be challenged too often in his matches, but the others promise some entertaining battles.
59 kg: 
Mustafa Saglam
66 kg: Atakan Yüksel
71 kg: Selcuk Can
71 kg: Cengzi Aslan
75 kg: Emrah Kus
75 kg: Serkan Akkoyun
80 kg: Selcuk Cebi (world no. 1)
80 kg: Burhan Akbudak (world no. 16)
85 kg: Metahan Basar (world no. 19)
85 kg: Kansu Ildem
98 kg: Cenk Ildem (world no. 4)
130 kg: Riza Kayaalp (world no. 2)

Samson Club — (UKR)
Ukraine is bringing some skilled, young pugs to the arena. The program as a whole has seen just a little bit of turnover despite still portraying a solid foundation of depth.
59 kg:
 Sergey Storozsenko
59 kg: Gyenisz Csebanov
66 kg: Makszim Jevtusenko
71 kg: Olekszij Kalinicsenko
75 kg: Pavlo Molnar
75 kg: Buthuzi Karaja
80 kg: Andrij Bjelih
85 kg: Sergey Severin
98 kg: Mikola Kriszov
98 kg: Jeveni Saveta
130 kg: Mikola Kucsmij

New York Athletic Club — (USA)
Last in alphabetical order but certainly not least is the US, which is representing the good ole’ NYAC at the 2016 Greco Roman Clubs Cup. The US is in the midst of what you might call “growing pains.” A batch of fresh prospects as well as some guys who had been relegated to sitting back on the depth chart are being called upon to step up. It’s the dawn of a new quad and international events of any kind are welcomed in effort to bolster the seasoning of the Americans. This is the level they need to play at, making the Clubs Cup an important litmus test for all involved.
59 kg:
Sammy Jones
66 kg: Austin Morrow
71 kg: Patrick Smith
75 kg: Kamal Bey
75 kg: Nick Tarpley
80 kg: Cheney Haight
85 kg: Kevin Radford
98 kg: G’Angelo Hancock
98 kg: Daniel Miller
130 kg: Eric Fader

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