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Monday Roundup: Moscow Cup Card; NOR Nat’l Team; DEN Results

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Exauce Mukubu -- Photo: UWW

Last week, the Russian Federation confirmed that three-time World/two-time Olympic Champion Roman Vlasov (77 kg, world #2) and ’18 World gold Sergey Emelin (60 kg, world #4) would be participating in the “Moscow Cup”, which is a small twist on the country’s annual Alrosa Cup. The format is only slightly changed from previous, and will still focus on highlighting individual match-ups.

The opposition for both Emelin and Vlasov were not announced upon first publish but that has also now been decided. Emelin will face newly-minted World champ Victor Ciobanu (world #1) of Moldova, and Vlasov is set to square off against 2017 titlist Viktor Nemes (SRB). A big-time clash at heavyweight is being added, as well. ’18 World Champion/two-time Olympic bronze Sergey Semenov (RUS, world #12) will meet multi-time World champ/Olympic medalist Riza Kayaalp (TUR, world #5) to cap the Greco-Roman presentation of the Moscow Cup.

It was Ciobanu who Emelin downed to claim top honors at the ’18 World event in Budapest, and the Russian lightweight also clipped Ciobanu for bronze in Tokyo. Vlasov and Nemes have shared mat space before, too, most recently in ’18 when the former defeated the latter for first place at the European Championships. Kayaalp defeated Semenov at the ’15 Vegas Worlds.

The 2021 Moscow Cup takes place on December 3.

Norway’s Squad

The impending arrival of ’22 has prompted Norway to name their national team, which might matter prior to the pair of winter “Ranking Series” events (February) and the European Championships. The only surprise is an exclusion, as ’17 Euro gold Felix Baldauf (97 kg) has not received a “contract” as of yet, but is presumed eligible. Baldauf, 27, is one of Norway’s most prolific athletes and is considered an elite international competitor. However, his attempted run to the Tokyo Olympics was fraught with issues, in particular a positive COVID test in March that kept him out of the European Olympic Qualifier.

Making the cut aside from ’20 European Championships winner Morten Thoresen (67 kg) and established heavy Oskar Marvik is Norway’s young star Exauce Mukubu, who floats between 77 and 82 kilos. Mukubu, a dynamic and fun-to-watch wrestler, placed second at the Junior World Championships in August.

’22 Norwegian National Team

67 kg: Haavard Joergensen
67 kg: Morten Thoresen
77 kg: Per Anders Kure
82 kg: Exauce Mukubu
97 kg: Marcus Worren
130 kg: Oskar Marvik

Danish Nationals

Denmark held their National tournament over the weekend with Brydeklubben Thor (Nykobing Falster) — on the strength of four champs and a host of medalists — earning the team title ahead of Thrott Abyhoj and Roskilde BK. There were no immediate implications to the results (i.e., team selection), but the tournament did yield a record number of overall participants (counting freestyle).

55 kg

GOLD: Silas Humle (BK Thor)
SILVER: Oscar Schwartz (BK Thor)
BRONZE: Victor Larsø (BK Thor)

60 kg

GOLD: Martin Lonrenzen (Roskilde BK)
SILVER: Magnus Rasmussen (BK Thor)
BRONZE: Mark Eigil Reimers (BK Thor)

63 kg

GOLD: William Reenberg (Roskilde BK)
SILVER: Anders Ekstrøm (BK Thor)
BRONZE: Frederik Mathielsen (AK Jyden)

67 kg

GOLD: Jeff Mølholt (AK Jyden)
SILVER: Daniel Pedersen (BK Thrott)
BRONZE: Brian Kurt Santiago (AK Jyden)

72 kg

GOLD: Mikkel Wind (BK Thrott)
SILVER: Rasmus Ulriksen (BK Thor)
BRONZE: David Edisultanov (BK Thor)

77 kg

GOLD: Frederik Ekstrøm (BK Thor)
SILVER: Christian Bantle (BK Thrott)
BRONZE: Vano Harutunjan (Roskilde BK)

82 kg

GOLD: Oliver Marco Krüger (BK Thrott)
SILVER: Wissam Khalil (Roskilde BK)
BRONZE: Christian Brix Roed (BK Thrott)

87 kg

GOLD: Lukas Høier-Jensen (BK Thor)
SILVER: Benjamin Eggertsen (Herning)
BRONZE: Daniel Bjarnason (Roskilde BK)

97 kg

GOLD: Martynas Nemsevicius (BK Thrott)
SILVER: Marcel Hein (BK Thor)
BRONZE: Amed Isakandarani (Roskilde BK)

130 kg

GOLD: Mathias Bak (BK Thrott)
SILVER: Bertram Lauridsen (BK Thor)
BRONZE: Nick Eliassen (BK Thor)

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