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Bauldauf & Hafizov Silver; Joergensen Bronze in Germany

2023 grand prix of germany greco-roman full results
Photos of Hafizov & Baldauf -- Tony Rotundo; Photo of Joergensen -- Kadir Caliskan

In what was the last major pre-World Championships tune-up, both Felix Baldauf (97 kg, NOR) and Ildar Hafizov (60 kg, USA) came away with silver while Haavard Joergensen (67 kg, NOR) finished impressively to emerge with bronze.

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Day 2 of the 2023 Grand Prix of Germany began at 10:30am local time from Dortmund, Germany and streamed live on Turnier-Ringen.

Hafizov had marched through the semifinal on Saturday after defeating Leo Tudezca (FRA) and Nikolai Mohammadi (DEN), respectively, with the latter contest ending via technical superiority. That put in motion an interesting final this morning opposite two-time World bronze Aidos Sultangali of Kazakhstan, but this match did not end favorably for the American competitor. Sultangali was the one with the offense and he was able to turn back Hafizov by a score of 7-0.

’17 European Championships gold Baldauf was forced to navigate a longer pathway to the final round due to the crowded nature of the 97-kilogram bracket. On Saturday, the 28-year-old defeated a string of a worthy challengers. In the qualification round, a match-up versus two-time World Champion Metehan Basar (TUR) ended early on account of an injury to Basar; following that bout, Baldauf got past Sergey Omelin (UKR) and familiar Mathias Bak (DEN) before taking a 3-0 decision over Lucas Lazogianis (GER) in the semifinal.

The opposition for Baldauf in Sunday’s final was ’22 U23 World silver Marcus Ragginger (AUT), which provided a typically-tight contest. Baldauf started with an arm throw attempt shortly after the whistle that was close to netting correct hold points, but no call was made on the mat. Ragginger was dinged for passive midway through the first period, but Baldauf could not capitalize as his lock came loose to allow his counterpart to escape. In the second period, Baldauf himself was called for passivity and Ragginger opted for a lift attempt that did not translate to points. Back standing, Baldauf was in hot pursuit of Ragginger when he was off-balanced and lost his footing towards the edge. Ragginger quickly covered for two points and a 3-1 lead, which ultimately represented the final score.

Joergensen Bronze

Additional matches in Germany was the objective for nearly all of the athletes and Joergensen not only checked that box, he also wound up with his third bronze of the season. On Saturday, he fell to Kyotaru Sogabe (JPN); Sogabe then raced to the final round which by extension pulled Joergensen into today’s repechage.

In the first round of repechage, Joergensen defeated Oleg Khalilov (UKR) 7-1, with the majority of that output having arrived in the first frame. A clash with ’22 World Champion Sebastian Nad (SRB) was up next. A contentious battle throughout saw Joergensen needing a turn in the second period, which he got via correct throw to walk away the winner on criteria 3-3. In essence, the victory over Nad was the clincher as the bronze round did not materialize. ’19 World medalist Tigran Galustyan (ARM) forfeited, which delivered to Joergensen his third such placing of ’23 following bronze medals at both the Nikola Petrov Memorial and European Championships.

2023 Grand Prix of Germany

August 12-13 — Dortmund, GER


60 kg: Ildar Hafizov (Army/WCAP) — SILVER
WON Leo Tudezca (FRA) 5-1
WON Nikolai Mohammadi (DEN) 9-0, TF
LOSS Aidos Sultangali (KAZ) 7-0

82 kg: Payton Jacobson (Sunkist/NTS) — 9th
LOSS Otto Ketonen (FIN) 3-1

97 kg: Cade Lautt (Tar Heel WC) — 19th
LOSS Artiom Shumski (POL) 8-0, TF

130 kg: Courtney Freeman (Marines) — 9th
LOSS Mikhail Vyshnyvetsky (UKR) 13-4, TF


67 KG

Haavard Joergensen — BRONZE
LOSS Kyotaru Sogabe (JPN) 6-6 (criteria)
WON Oleg Khalilov (UKR) 7-1
WON Sebastian Nad (SRB) 3-3 (criteria)
WON Tigran Galustyan (ARM) via forfeit

77 KG

Sebastian Aak — 10th
WON Johnny Bur (FRA) via fall
LOSS Jonni Sarkkinen (FIN) 6-3

Per-Anders Kure — 20th
LOSS Albin Olofsson 3-2

87 KG

Exauce Mukubu — 11th
LOSS Ramon Betschart (SUI) 3-2

97 KG

Felix Baldauf — SILVER
WON Metehan Basar (TUR) via injury default
WON Sergey Omelin (UKR) 10-6
WON Mathias Bak (DEN) 5-2
WON Lucas Lazogianis (GER) 3-0
LOSS Markus Ragginger (AUT) 3-1

130 kg

Oskar Marvik — DNP
WON Svetoslav Kalashnikov (UKR) 8-0, TF
LOSS Aleksandr Chernetskyy (UKR) via DQ


55 kg

GOLD: Nikita Dementiev (UKR)
SILVER: Marlan Mukashev (KAZ)
BRONZE: Korium Sahradian (UKR)

60 kg

GOLD: Aidos Sultangali (KAZ)
SILVER: Ildar Hafizov (USA)
BRONZE: Christopher Kramer (GER)
BRONZE: Leo Tudezca (FRA)

63 kg

GOLD: Stefan Clement (FRA)
SILVER: Kenichiro Fumita (JPN)
BRONZE: Enes Basar (TUR)
BRONZE: Mairbek Salimov (POL)

67 kg

GOLD: Kyotaru Sogabe (JPN)
SILVER: Kristupas Sleiva (LTU)
BRONZE: Haavard Joergensen (NOR)
BRONZE: Meirzan Shermakhanbet (KAZ)

72 kg

GOLD: Parviz Nasibov (UKR)
SILVER: Vilius Savickas (LTU)
BRONZE: Michael Portman (SUI)
BRONZE: Ibragim Magomadov (KAZ)

77 kg

GOLD: Viktor Nemes (SRB)
SILVER: Nao Kusaka (JPN)
BRONZE: Demeu Zhadrayev (KAZ)
BRONZE: Deni Nakaev (GER)

82 kg

GOLD: Burhan Akbudak (TUR)
SILVER: Filip Sacic (CRO)
BRONZE: Zakarias Berg (SWE)
BRONZE: Michael Wagner (AUT)

87 kg

GOLD: Alex Kessidis (SWE)
SILVER: Masato Sumi (JPN)
BRONZE: Marcel Sterkenburg (NED)
BRONZE: Yaroslav Filchakov (UKR)

97 kg

GOLD: Markus Ragginger (AUT)
SILVER: Felix Baldauf (NOR)
BRONZE: Peter Oehler (GER)
BRONZE: Sergey Omelin (UKR)

130 kg

GOLD: Yasmani Acosta Fernandez (CHI)
SILVER: Jello Krahmer (GER)
BRONZE: Delian Alishahi (SUI)
BRONZE: Alimkhan Syzdykov (KAZ)

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