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Monday Roundup: January Camp at OTC, 2017 Plans, Radford, and Watchlist

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Photo: Frank Gioia

It’s a new year, which means it’s January and camp is going to open in Colorado Springs shortly. If you have been following the Coach Lindland reports the last few weeks, you know that he is committed to establishing a new team-oriented theme and culture for the entire program as a whole, not just at the OTC. There are enough fresh faces at this juncture to go along with some of the more established athletes to where it’s probably a smart idea to build a cohesive message everyone relates to. Why? Because this next quad is going to be critical to United States Greco Roman wrestling (and all of Greco, for that matter). For Greco Roman to endure, specifically in the US, the sport needs an uptick in viewership as well as wrestlers to assert themselves internationally. That all starts with attitude and preparation, making a unified goal more important than ever.

The one advantage that US Greco has is that it is not spread out nearly the same way freestyle is in this country. While it would be nice if eventually there are dozens of regional training centers and overall Senior participation soars, right now the program has to play to its strengths. It is a close-knit community that understands the critical issues facing the sport. The remedy is not just success but also, enthusiasm. Confidence. Objectives being reached.

So when camp begins on the 16th, it is going to be about more than just techniques, throws, and drills. An edict will be introduced. Comprehending its importance is vital. Almost as much as its execution.


We are rolling out our 2017 athlete watchlists this week and started with the three lightest weights. Obviously, the US Nationals played somewhat of a role in determining where certain wrestlers fall, but not always. The point is that up and down the roster, there are athletes for whom 2017 is going to be telling one way or another. It isn’t as if everyone included in these lists is expected to go ahead and win a World medal. But at the same time, these are wrestlers who very well might take big-time steps in 2017 and if they do, at least you’ll be prepared.

Kevin Radford

Our interview with Kevin Radford will be up this week. We held off on it because of the craziness of last week with the holidays and all that. This dude deserves a wide audience for what he has to say. Radford figured something out between Budapest and Las Vegas and to hear how he went about the process is fascinating. It doesn’t hurt that he is an otherworldly kind and beyond-intelligent individual to talk to.

Athlete of the Year

In case you missed it (and it’s doubtful you did), but Jesse Thielke was named our 2016 Athlete of the Year. Thielke’s accomplishments in 2016 have been documented ad nauseum on here. Suffice it to say, Thielke made big noise that won’t be forgotten anytime soon. His comeback from surgery along with having a target firmly placed on his back is going to make his 2017 one story certainly worth following.

A few of 5PM’s plans for 2017

When upgraded features and news worth sharing become available, we will let everyone know (as is custom). But in the interest of transparency, here are a few of the items that are in store for Five Point Move coming down the pike, some sooner rather than later: A podcast (this has actually been in the works for a while and it looks like a very well-known athlete will be joining in); a fully-functional message board, simply because there are conversations people want to have in a consistent, centralized location; merchandise because we are being inundated with requests for such; a return to content geared towards other aspects of wrestling and fitness; a camps/clinics/clubs directory; and last but not least, more videos of techniques, training drills, and athletes.

All of the above are going to be a part of the 5PM experience not just because we feel they help serve users’ interests but also, because they are in-demand here. We listen. We read your emails and tweets and everything else. So in due time, expect to see all of that. YOU are the reason why.

Robby this week

Remember — this Friday, January 6th, 2016 Olympian Robby Smith (NYAC) will be at the Beat the Streets Lancaster event. Tickets are $150 and all proceeds go to the launching of the BTS program in that area. It’s a full-scale event with other prominent speakers from the world of wrestling and plus, it is all for a really good cause!

What’s coming up here

  • The “US Greco Roman Wrestlers to Watch in 2017” covering 75 kg to 130 kg.
  • Radford.
  • A new Coach Lindland’s Report, likely featuring a mix of off-topic and user-submitted questions. Have you checked out the Lindland Report Top 10 Highlights yet? Do so!
  • An athlete profile you won’t want to miss.

Questions? Concerns? Feel like reaching out? Do so on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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