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Monday Roundup: Updated US Greco-Roman Overseas Medal Count; Impending Plans; WOS

Jake Fisher, 2017-18 overseas medal count
Jake Fisher at the 2010 World Championships -- Photo: Tony Rotundo

Welcome to the “Quiet Phase” of the season. That’s what this is, at least when it comes to Greco-Roman. There were no events which took place over the weekend requiring detailed analysis or even cursory acknowledgement, and there won’t be any until after the US Senior Open and Junior World Team Trials wrap up a few weeks from now. It’s a strange dynamic, like a calm before the storm kind of thing. The silver lining is knowing that once the action picks up, there’ll be so much of it most will have trouble keeping up — and yes, that’s a good thing. Busy is good.

2017-18 US Overseas Medal Count

By this point last year, US Senior athletes had competed in more overseas events (and more overall matches), specifically due to the Hungarian Grand Prix’s place in the schedule. However, there were a large number of age-groupers who brought home some hardware following a record-breaking week in Europe, so it kind of evens out. The next time American Greco competitors take to the mats at an international tournament will be May 5th, when the 2018 Pan American Championships get underway in Lima, Peru.

Eduardo Campbell Cup (PAN) 10/1/17 (SR)
GOLD: Austin Morrow (66 kg, NYAC/OTS), Khymba Johnson (85 kg, NYAC/OTS)
SILVER: Corey Fitzgerald (75 kg, NMU/OTS)
BRONZE: Chris Rodgers (66 kg, NMU/OTS), George Sikes (85 kg, NMU/OTS)

Bear Cup (DEN) — 10/15/17 (JR)
GOLD: Alston Nutter (69 kg, NMU/OTS)
BRONZE: Benji Peak (63 kg, NMU/OTS)

Klippan Cup (SWE) — 10/28/17 (SR)
GOLD: Randon Miranda (59 kg, NYAC/OTS)
SILVER: Nick Boykin (130 kg, Sunkist)
BRONZE: Benji Peak (59 kg, NMU/OTS)

Malar Cupen (SWE) — 11/5/17 (JR & SR)
GOLD: Randon Miranda (59 kg, NYAC/OTS), Benji Peak (63 kg, NMU/OTS), Peyton Robb (76 kg, Minnesota Storm)
SILVER: Carter Nielsen (80 kg, NMU/OTS), Nick Boykin (130 kg, Sunkist)
BRONZE: Hunter Lewis (54 kg, WI), Dominic Damon (63 kg, WA), Tommy Brackett (85 kg, TN), Spencer Wilson (98 kg, NMU/OTS)

Grand Prix Zagreb Open (CRO) — 2/3/18 (SR)
BRONZE: Xavier Johnson (60 kg, Marines)

Granma Cup (CUB) — 2/18/18 (SR)
GOLD: Kamal Bey (77 kg, Sunkist);
BRONZE: Dalton Roberts (60 kg, NYAC/OTS), Kevin Radford (87 kg, Sunkist)

Thor Masters (DEN) — 2/24/18 (SR)
SILVER: Randon Miranda (55 kg, NYAC/OTS), Jesse Thielke (63 kg, NYAC);
BRONZE: RaVaughn Perkins (72 kg, NYAC)

Austrian Open (AUT) — 3/3/18 (JR)
GOLD: Camden Russell (55 kg, MWC), Benji Peak (60 kg, NMU/OTS), Riley Briggs (67 kg, NMU/OTS), Cohlton Schultz (130 kg, NYAC)
SILVER: Mason Hartshorn (60 kg, NMU/OTS), Alston Nutter (63 kg, NMU/OTS)
BRONZE: John Massey (55 kg, NMU/OTS), Luis Hernandez (63 kg, FL)

Tallinn Open (EST) — 4/1/18 (SCHOOLBOY, CADET & JR)
GOLD: Payton Jacobson (45 kg, WI)
SILVER: Cael Anderson (48 kg, WI)
BRONZE: Blaine Brenner (45 kg, WI), Preston Martin (55 kg, KS)

Easter Wrestling Tournament (HOL) — 4/1/18 (SCHOOLBOY, CADET & JR)
GOLD: Trason Oehme (38 kg, SD), Billy Sullivan (50 kg, NV), Kellyn March (58 kg, SD)
SILVER: Mikey Baker (38 kg, IA), Tanner Meyers (65 kg, SD)
BRONZE: Teague Granum (32 kg, SD), Adam Allard (54 kg, IA), Nick Casperson (87 kg, SD)

Dinko Petrov Tournament (BUL) — 4/1/18 (SCHOOLBOY & CADET)
GOLD: Kayd Craig (44 kg, ID)
SILVER: Teegan Dunn (60 kg, ID)


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Thielke & Pack moving around in Estonia.

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What’s Coming Up Here

  • We have been teasing the G’Angelo Hancock (Sunkist) oral history for a little while now and the wait will soon be over. Readers can expect this massive undertaking to be released before the week is out.
  • As mentioned above, a Q&A with Jessy Williams (67 kg, NYAC) is also in the queue. Williams, 24, is currently training in Sweden and he sheds some light on how camp has been going, why he decided to venture over to Scandinavia for the second time this season, and what the situation is like at the NYRTC.
  • An all-new Coach Lindland’s Report. If you have questions for the National Team head coach, send them in!
  • Likewise, an all-new Northern News with NMU/OTS head coach Rob Hermann is due out soon.
  • Another technique video, this time on underhooks.

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