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Monday Roundup: UWW Rules Video, Wrestlers on Social Media, Sancho to OTC

khymba johnson, 2018 greco-roman rules
Khymba Johnson -- Photo: Tony Rotundo

A very insightful video has been making the rounds in regards to the incoming rule changes for Greco-Roman that are scheduled to roll out approximately…now. The video, featuring action clips from the 2018 Senior World Championships, offers accompanying explanations of what it is officials will be interpreting as both “offensive” and “negative” wrestling (in other words, how they are going to call passivity), among other items.

The man who put the video together is Zach Errett, the decorated USA Wrestling referee and member of the United World Wrestling Officials Commission who last year was kind enough to answer our questions on the record about the rules modifications prior to the US World Team Trials. He did an amazing job then and even more so with this latest attempt at educating the masses. There have been plenty of videos outlining rules for wrestling throughout the years, but this one goes above and beyond in terms of detail. Errett gives viewers, who by and large are sure to be coaches and athletes, in-depth looks at various situations that would fall under whatever category, be it (the aforementioned) offensive and negative wrestling, brutality, “technical richness”, hand-fighting, or hooking (underhooks/overhooks).

One of the most poignant parts of the video occurs a little over midway through when Errett discusses the parameters intended to apply passivity. For maybe the first time, or at least the first time in a long while, what you have here is an official who willingly breaks down some of the grey area associated with the most debated and controversial rule in the entire sport. Rather than ignore the subjective nature passivity demands, Errett bases its premise on logic pertaining to different phases of a match.

Screenshot of UWW Greco-Roman passivity rules for 2018

(Screenshot of “2018 GR Passivity & Negative Wrestling” by Zach Errett)

Point A is self-explanatory. Passivity not being called before the 2:00 mark has been talked about here and elsewhere ad nauseum at this stage. It is B and C where Errett really delivers.

B) Score is tied and one wrestler is clearly more active

“If the score is tied and one wrestler is clearly more active…when we talk about a tie, we talk about low-scoring, like maybe 1-1 or 2-2. Certainly, if the score is tied at 8-8, both wrestlers are clearly being active and no passivity is going to be needed. So this is when the score is tied in a low-scoring match but one wrestler is more active than the other wrestler.” 

It is a point everyone knows, but since we’re operating in a climate where we as a collective need everything spelled out for us, Errett’s explanation is logical and useful. Is it still subjective? In certain bouts that will undoubtedly be the feeling. But if you watched the first half of the video leading up this part, there should be a lot less questions pertaining to the line of thinking involved.

C) One wrestler has the lead and his opponent acts too defensively

“And potentially, this is when one wrestler has the lead and his opponent acts too defensively. So one wrestler, maybe one wrestler gets a lead, is up 2-1 or 3-1, and then either one of them becomes more defensive. Probably the wrestler with the lead is not as offensive as they were before. This could potentially lead to a passivity call, as well.”

The only issue here is that second sentence — “Probably the wrestler with the lead is not as offensive as they were before.” This would seem to suggest the possibility for confirmation basis to enter into the equation, another factor that has led to many complaints and serves as an underlying problem that is as old as dirt. But with that being said, Errett’s effort to attempt to put the dynamics at play in simple terms deserves a head nod.

Even if you are not a coach or wrestler and just a fan (really the most important role of them all), you should still set some time aside to watch this video. It’s not short, coming in at an hour long. But it is definitely worth it thanks to Errett’s thoroughness and easy-to-follow layout, and the clips of actual high-level wrestling are the proverbial cherry on top.

Wrestlers on Social Media

We have done this a few times before, but from here on out, Wrestlers on Social Media will be a regular part of the Roundup. It makes too much sense not to include in this space and is an easy way for everyone to check out what their favorite Greco athletes have been up to recently.

Springs Life

Another day on The Incline. #NoMagicJustHardWork

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Wise words from a future stud

Was in Cancun recently

More words of existential substance

You get a lot of these from Uccellini

Engel on Junior World Team staff for 2018

Can’t ignore the hustle from this Marine

The Coach closes out 2017

Technique from Pack and Thielke

Miranda enjoying himself

Skii biking in Utah with the Greco squad

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Sancho to the OTC

2017 U23 World Team member Alex Sancho (67 kg, NYAC) will be saying goodbye to the place where it all started for him, Northern Michigan University, as he looks to now become a resident athlete at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. This isn’t new news, as the decision was made prior to the holidays. But it is still an important development and as such, we will be speaking with Sancho about the factors leading to his opting out of Marquette as well as his plans for the immediate future.

What’s coming up here

  • An all-new Coach Lindland’s Report to mark the beginning of the year and the onset of the Winter Training Camp.
  • Soon will be the premier of our interview with two-time World bronze medalist Harry Lester, whose legend has only grown since he retired just short of two years ago.
  • 2018 Impact Performer Patrick Martinez (87 kg, NYAC) goes on the record to talk about his recent gold-medal performances overseas.

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