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Next Week “Athlete of the Year” Announced

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Next week begins our extended look back at 2016 complete with items meant to highlight specific people and events that made a difference in United States Greco Roman wrestling (a lineup of what these pieces will be is located below). A lot has gone on, to say the least. From the Olympic Trials and the Junior Duals to Rio itself and even the happenings from this past weekend, 2016 has certainly had its up’s and down’s, but it for sure has been memorable.

The week will culminate with the announcement of the first annual “Five Point Move Athlete of the Year.” In order to choose the recipient, we’ve put together a panel of both current and retired coaches and competitors, many of whom have enjoyed (or in the midst of) impressive careers. These people have helped narrow the list down in stages and after much discussion, indeed, a recipient has been chosen. Our staff, along with the panel, are united in the belief that this wrestler was “the story” of 2016 and as such, represents the basis of what the award is intended for.

The announcement will come next Friday, 12/30, at 12:00pm.

But before that, we have some fun stuff for you to dig into. Some of our ideas have come from emails and tweets and the rest we’ve drummed up ourselves.

Monday, December 26 — “Monday Roundup”
Tuesday, December 27 — “Coach Lindland’s Report”, “Top 5 Matches of 2016”
Wednesday, December 28 — “Our Biggest Stories of 2016”
Thursday, December 29 — Kevin Radford interview, “US Greco Roman Wrestlers to Look Out for in 2017”
Friday, December 30 — “Five Point Move Athlete of the Year”

There will be some other pieces mixed in between now and then, as well. We will also be letting you know about some exciting changes to this platform 2017 will bring. But more than anything, we want to acknowledge that although Five Point Move has not quite been around a full year just yet (technically speaking), you, the readers and devout fans, followers, and athletes of the sport have made all the difference. The amount of loyalty that is consistently shown to us for what we do is beyond appreciated and always humbling. We figure that for now, the best way we can reciprocate is to keep on target with with what we are doing and hopefully, bring even more of you into the fold. And so far, thankfully, that is exactly what has been happening.

With that, have a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and thanks for being a part of all this.

Make Throwing Great Again!

Five Point Move Staff

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