US Coach Momir Petković’s Momentum-Changing Attack

momir petković

1976 Olympic Gold Medalist and current US Greco Roman National Team Assistant Coach Momir Petković is recognized throughout the world for his intense focus on technique in all positions. Whether it is standing up trying to create a scoring opportunity or in par terre  looking for a way to saddle up big points when they’re needed most, Petković is your man. One of his biggest strengths, however, is exploiting the tiniest flaw in a position and using that to an immediate advantage.

In this video, Coach Momir demonstrates a very effective answer to what can be a common problem for many wrestlers: being stalled while clinched up. Your opponent’s weight is hanging on you, slowing the action and allowing him (or her) to dictate the pace. If you have wrestled any of the styles, but specifically Greco, chances are you’ve been through this before.

The fix to the issue is here. Take a few minutes and watch this video, paying close attention to Momir Petković as he shows you step-by-step how to free up your underhook on the heavy side and use your overhook to come right around the back of your opponent. In the classic over-under position, it is easy to become stuck without a way out, especially at the youth levels. This is a technique that should be drilled on a continual basis if you are looking to improve your ability to score.

As with all technique videos, we enthusiastically encourage you to take notes and apply these moves directly into your training. DRILL. Over and over and over and over. And if you have any questions, see a coach or more experienced wrestler for additional tips or insights.

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