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Learning Experience: Sweden Downs US at ’19 Superior Camp Dual

2019 superior camp dual
Photo: Mike Kaurala

What has normally been a show of strength for the US from a developmental standpoint took a different turn Wednesday night, as Team Sweden defeated the US at the 2019 Superior Camp Dual held on the campus of Northern Michigan University in Marquette.

The American squad still boasted some firepower in the form of age-group studs Tarrell Wallace Jr. (67 kg, FL), Tyler Hannah (97 kg, WI), and Steven Villalobos (71 kg, FL) — and the idea on this evening was to put younger, fresher faces on display rather than continue to send out those more experienced with international competition. Thus is the main point to the Superior Camp, for the Americans to tack on relevant experience.

Sweden went on an especially critical tear in the 48-kilogram category. That one weight class alone hosted six matches all won by Sweden, with Ossian Johansson and Pakron Lundin both winning two bouts apiece. Sweden then continued its run until the second match at 55 kilos, when Jacob Cochran (NMU/OTS) got past Buster Hasselbom. All in all, the US dropped 15 of the 19 total matches in a dual contested mostly by Cadets and (young) Juniors.

But they’ll keep working at it. The 2019 Superior International Camp wraps up on Saturday.

2019 Superior International Camp Dual

June 26th — Marquette, Michigan

SWEDEN — 15 USA — 4 

41 kg

Elliott Trellid (SWE) def. Kip Castor (USA) via fall
Luke Lilledahl (USA) def. Elliot Trellid (SWE) 13-7

44 kg

Kolby Warren (USA) def. Wilmer Gullstand (SWE) 6-2

48 kg

Liam Azzani (SWE) def. Brendan Barton (USA) 9-0, TF
Noah Soderqvist (SWE) def. Cooper Rhondenizer (USA) 8-0, TF
Ossian Johnsson (SWE) def. Brayden Dubes (USA) via fall
Ossian Johansson (SWE) def. Zan Fugitt (USA) via fall
Pakron Lundin (SWE) def. Grayden Dubes (USA) 8-0, TF
Pakron Lundin (SWE) def. Kolby Warren (USA) 9-0, TF

51 kg

Oskar Stahl (SWE) def. Brendan Barton (USA) via fall
Pontus Stahl (SWE) def. Jesse Shannon (USA) 8-0, TF

55 kg

Jacob Cochran (USA) def. Buster Hasselbom (SWE)
Hugo Jorgensen (SWE) def. Cooper Rhodenizer (USA) via fall

60 kg

Fabian Frisk (SWE) def. Brayden Shelton (USA) via fall
Ruben Fodor (SWE) def. Brayden Shelton (USA) via fall

67 kg

Alexander Jonerelv (SWE) def. Tarrell Wallace (USA) 9-5

71 kg

Algot Kallman (SWE) def. Alec McDoulett (USA) 11-4
Steven Villalobos (USA) def. Emil Persson (SWE) 0-8

97 kg

Linus Persson (SWE) def. Tyler Hannah (USA) 9-0, TF


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