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Lineups for Tonight’s USA vs. Sweden Dual at the 2018 Superior Camp

2018 superior camp dual, team usa vs. team skane brottning
Mason Hartshorn -- Photo: John Sachs

As is the case every year at Northern Michigan’s Superior International Camp, the athletes are preparing for the annual mid-week dual meet against their Swedish counterparts. If you’re interested in watching — and you should be — the festivities kick off tonight at 7:00pm and can be viewed live on the NMU-OTS Facebook page.

Dual meets between American and Swedish age-groupers typically take place twice each season with both countries acting as hosts, or at least that’s how this has all worked out the past few years. When the vast delegation of US athletes (mostly comprised of NMU students) heads over to Sweden every fall, they take on Team Skåne Brottning smack dab in the middle of their joint training camp. And it unfolds the same way each summer at the Superior Camp. Here we are Wednesday, right at the midway point of the week-long camp, and we’ve got ourselves a dual to look forward to.

In 2017, Team USA defeated Team Sweden 7-6 when Ryan Cummings (76 kg) came up with a clutch 1-1 criteria victory over August Eriksson in the final bout of the evening. Eriksson is back for more this time around and he faces off with 2018 Junior Trials challenge tourney runner-up Josh Anderson and Marco Gusman. (It is not uncommon for athletes to have more than one match for these duals.)

Aside from Anderson, the US is brandishing serious firepower in other spots throughout the lineup. 2018 Cadet World Team members Hunter Lewis (55 kg, WI) and Phillip Moomey (60 kg, MWC), and Dominic Damon (65 kg) are locked in for tonight. This is Lewis’s second Superior Camp dual appearance after dropping a 7-2 decision to Samuel Trellid last year. Junior World Team member Alston Nutter (67 kg) is competing for the second time in the annual dual and is scheduled to take on Arid Westerlund Nilsson (who will also be wrestling against NMU’s Erik Spence). 2018 Austrian Open winner Riley Briggs (71 kg) checks in opposite Algot Källman, and 2018 Junior Greco World Duals gold medalist Mason Hartshorn (63 kg) will tangle with Fabian Mazdin.

2018 Superior International Camp Dual Meet


55 kg Hunter Lewis (USA) vs. Fabian Frisk (TSB)
60 kg Phillip Moomey (USA) vs. Teo Jönsson (TSB)
65 kg Dominic Damon vs. Max Scharfenort (TSB)
71 kg Reece Dalton (USA) vs. Oscar Holmén (TSB)
71 kg Riley Briggs (USA) vs. Algot Källman (TSB)
74 kg John Fagen (USA) vs. Fabian Mazdin (TSB)


67 kg Erik Spence (USA) vs. Arvid Westerlund Nilsson (TSB)
72 kg Alex Cramer (USA) vs. Liam Kristensson (TSB)
77 kg Josh Anderson (USA) vs. August Eriksson (TSB)
100 kg Luke Luffman (USA) vs. Linus Persson (TSB)


55 kg Ashton Clark (USA) vs. Fabian Frisk (TSB)
60 kg Nick Hamilton (USA) vs. Teo Jönsson (TSB)
65 kg Alex McDoulett (USA) vs. Max Scharfenort (TSB)
71 kg Reece Dalton (USA) vs. Oscar Holmén (TSB)
71 kg Austin Dohl-Pantaleo (USA) vs. Algot Källman (TSB)
74 kg Mason Hartshorn (USA) vs. Fabian Mazdin (TSB)


67 kg Alston Nutter (USA) vs. Arvid Westerlund Nilsson (TSB)
72 kg Ryan Garcia (USA) vs. Liam Kristensson (TSB)
77 kg Marco Gusman (USA) vs. August Eriksson (TSB)
100 kg Jacob Kaminski (USA) vs. Linus Persson (TSB)
60 kg Jon Massey (USA) vs. Delon Kanari (USA)


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