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Old-school weightlifters relied on cattle liver for vitamins, protein, and amino acid supplementation. They weren’t wrong – dessicated cattle liver pills are PACKED with thousands of milligrams of both essential and non-essential amino acids, making them a worthy addition to any wrestler’s supplement arsenal. This is where Uni-Liver comes in.

While there are several brands that offer liver pills, Uni-Liver has the benefit of coming from Universal Nutrition, an extremely recognizable name. You can find them online pretty much everywhere, but your local Vitamin Shoppe has them on the shelf in case you don’t feel like waiting.

Why You Want This:

The thing with amino acid products, a lot of times they are derived from either oddball chemical compounds and aren’t really “anabolic.” Uni-Liver comes from what is essentially, beef. That means the source for this product is anabolic protein, resulting in a more agreeable and perhaps acceptable format for your body to absorb.

Each Uni-Liver pill brings with it 1.5g of protein. Gobbling down two of them equals 3g of protein you can add to every meal. Therefore, what was a 3 oz chicken breast and only in the neighborhood of 16 grams of protein all the sudden becomes a 19 gram meal, which is completely doable.

But it is in the vitamins and amino acids where the value in this product really shines. Simply put – you can swallow a whole bunch of supplements and still not approach the numbers you can get just by adding some liver into the mix.

Why You Don’t Want This:

Given the nature of its composition, Uni-Liver is a large, hard “horse pill” that for some people, may be a bit tough to get down. And whatever you do, you do NOT want to bite these things. It will result in your gag reflex rising up from the inside only to give you the middle finger.

Each container comes with 200 dessicated cattle liver tablets. At around $24 a pop, you could very well be spending close to $50 a month on all of this,  depending on how many tabs you take daily.

Uni-Liver nutrition facts

Is it worth it?

It is if you have trouble maintaining adequate amounts of protein and aminos in your diet. It is also worth it if you are someone who is constantly on the move and find it tough to manage meals. But if you already have a well-managed diet and are getting everything you need from your actual meals, you could probably sidestep this one.

Older athletes looking for a dietary boost and some extra punch to their energy levels, however, need to jump on this right away.

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