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Curd Rams Through Malar Cupen; USA Schoolboys Trounce to Team Title

tyler curd, 2018 malarcupen champ
Tyler Curd -- Photo: John Sachs

Tyler Curd (130 kg, NMU/OTS) garnered his first overseas gold — and a vast collection of USA Greco-Roman youngsters also seized medals — to close out the 2018 Mälarcupen in stunningly successful fashion. In age-group order, the US was first at Schoolboy, second at Cadet/Junior, and third at Senior.

Curd, the 2016 Fargo Cadet champ who just began his first year at Northern Michigan, went 4-0 with three tech’s and a pin to clinch the top spot. That last win shone a light on the importance of foreign training for American youths. Last week at the Klippan Cup, the heavyweight bracket only offered two athletes, Curd and Belarusian Ilya Yudchytis, who tech’ed Curd in their only match-up. This morning saw a complete turnaround. Using a trap-arm bodylock, Curd tossed and pinned Yudchytis. The gold for Curd holds added significance — with the win today he became only the second USA athlete to win the Malarcupen at the Senior level, following Randon Miranda (60 kg, NYAC/OTS) in 2017.

Fellow NMU’er Corey Fitzgerald (82 kg) got himself back onto an international podium for the first time in two years on Sunday. He ended the first session on Saturday sporting a 2-0 record. Fitzgerald started off Sunday morning with a win, dropped his next bout, but bounced back for bronze with a pin over David Zaypaev (NOR).

Another big story from the weekend belongs to Wisconsin’s Logan Hatch (65 kg), who first traveled to Sweden a few years ago for the experience. One of Lucas Steldt’s prize charges at the Combat Wrestling Club, Hatch was forced off the mat for most of last year due to a broken back and this tour represented his return to competition. He really made it count, did Hatch. All in all, he went 5-2 in seven matches to win his pool and earn silver, his highest such placing at a tournament of this magnitude.

logan hatch, 2018 malarcupen

Logan Hatch between periods at the 2018 Mälarcupen in Västerås, Sweden. (Photo: Angelique Dove Hatch)

The 2018 Cadet World Team duo of Hunter Lewis (65 kg, WI) and Dominic Damon (67 kg, WA) had their say this weekend, as well. Lewis, who bronzed last year at the Mälarcupen, hit a rough patch and just missed out on the medal rounds, ultimately finishing ninth. Competing in the Senior division for the first time, Damon went 2-2 and wound up in 6th place.

Sean Sesnan (60 kg, WBC) was trying to kick off his full-fledged international career with back-to-back silvers but came up just short. Like Fitzgerald and several other Americans, Sesnan entered action on Day 2 with a pair of wins and no losses. That changed this morning with Sesnan dropping his final two bouts. As mentioned on Saturday, Sesnan is the first Williams Baptist College Greco-Roman athlete to compete overseas and placed second last week at the Klippan Cup.

Youth Runs Wild

The US presence at the Mälarcupen this year saw the addition of a large contingent of Schoolboys thanks to Wisconsin tour organizer Jared Lewis. Typically, this tournament represents the culmination of the annual NMU trip helmed by Olympic Training Site head coach Rob Hermann, and he also tends to bring a handful of age-groupers along depending on the circumstances. In 2018, those circumstances resulted in approximately two dozen more Americans competing at one of Scandinavia’s Europe’s most populated Greco-Roman events.

Bronze medals were earned by Olympic Training Center Accelerator Program athletes Cole Stephenson (60 kg) and Noah Wachsmuth (65 kg), and just as impressive as the medals is how these two went about stamping down wins. Of Stephenson’s five wins, four were 8-0 blank jobs. Three of Wachsmuth’s wins also arrived via tech, including a 24-13 barnburner opposite Puttichart Phaitoonwong (SWE).

Cheaney Schoeff (48 kg, IN) was lights out the entire way but fell in the finals to one of the tournament’s most dominant athletes, Greyson Clark (WI). All told, there were four golds for the Schoolboys but it’s tough to top what Ivan Ivanov-trained Jadon Skellenger (ID) pulled off. Check this out: Skellenger had eight matches between Saturday and today. He pinned all eight opponents. Yikes. The crazy part is that this kind of performance was the rule for the US youths who won the tourney, not the exception.

Kolby Warren (38 kg, MO) — five tech’s, one pin, outscoring his tech’ed opponents 61-0; Christopher Coates (41 kg, KS) — Coates was forced to grind out his last two matches, but still engineered a ledger that saw three pins and a tech fall; Clark is someone people have pointed to as a potential future star and it’s easy to see why — Clark notched four pins and two tech’s en-route to his gold at the Mälarcupen this weekend.

Following a collective performance that brought with it five champs and 10 overall medals, Steldt was understandably fired up when asked to provide a summary of what this all means to the US program at the current moment.

“What won matches was fight, pure and simple,” Steldt said afterwards. “Win the middle, then points came later. Our guys fought for six minutes, not one period, but from whistle to whistle and then some. Greco is about fight, grinding and then throwing some poor soul over head! It’s an American stronghold to grind and fight, but the new breed is learning lifts, bodylocks, and arm spins. Not that we didn’t have that before, but it must be ‘standard equipment’ in each of our American athletes. Americans can fight the technical skills of our foreign counterparts. This is the new breed and it takes a generation to create this new cyborg. We are merely in the testing phases.”

2018 Mälarcupen

November 3rd-4th — Västerås, Sweden



34 kg

Jayden Bowles (FL) — 4th
WIN Alfred Schonfeldt (SWE) 12-0, TF
LOSS Alexandru Baloi (SWE) 17-2, TF
WIN Isaac Sjöberg (SWE) via fall
WIN Nathan Rioux (IN) 4-0
LOSS Anzor Musaev (NOR) 6-1

Revin Dickman (IN) — 5th
WIN Eddie Gybrandt (SWE) via fall
LOSS Anzor Musaev (NOR) 6-3
WIN Elias Flasch (SWE) via fall
LOSS Hugo Rintamaki (FIN) 8-7

Nathan Rioux (IN) — 7th
WIN Martin Aak (NOR) 20-8, TF
WIN Felix Lamminen (FIN) 7-4
LOSS Antton Jyrkkänen (FIN) 12-9
LOSS Jayden Bowles (FL) 4-0

Angelo DiPol (SD) — 13th
LOSS Anzor Musaev (NOR) via fall
LOSS Elias Flasch (SWE) via forfeit

38 kg

Kolby Warren (MO) — gold
WIN Aaro Ojala (FIN) 12-0, TF
WIN Hjalmar Sandin (SWE) 12-0, TF
WIN Algot Gamelius (SWE) 13-0, TF
WIN Gunnar Aldrick (WV) via fall
WIN Hunter Taylor (KS) 12-0, TF
WIN Omar Hassan (SWE) 12-0, TF

Hunter Taylor (KS) — 6th
WIN Al-Bara Chopalaev (EST) 14-2, TF
WIN William Ekeroth (SWE) 13-0, TF
WIN Hjalmar Sandin (SWE) 14-1, TF
LOSS Algot Gamelius (SWE) 4-2
LOSS Kolby Warren (MO) 12-0, TF

Gunner Andrick (WV) — 8th
LOSS Algot Gamelius (SWE) 7-6
WIN Vasili Kesidis (SWE) via fall
WIN Aaro Ojala (FIN) via fall
LOSS Kolby Warren (MO) 13-0, TF

Tallen Pawlak (IL) — 14th
WIN Wylie Stone (ID) via fall
LOSS Leokim Beky (NOR) via fall
LOSS Mario Mariut (NOR) 12-0, TF

Wylie Stone (ID) — 21st
LOSS Tallen Pawlak (IL) via fall
LOSS Mario Mariut (NOR) via fall

41 kg

Christopher Coates (KS) — gold
WIN Malik Sandek (NOR) 12-0, TF
WIN Harry Blom (SWE) via fall
WIN Aapo Hakala (FIN) via fall
WIN Samuel Nilsson (SWE) via fall
WIN Tural Binnatov (SWE) 5-4
WIN Max Hristjuk (EST) 5-3

Bryan Winans (WI) — 13th
WIN Elias Luridsen (DEN) 12-0, TF
LOSS Max Hristjuk (EST) 12-0, TF
LOSS Oskari Pursiainen (FIN) 6-6 (criteria)

Damien Wudtke (WI) — 15th
LOSS Ahmed Tutaev (SWE) 12-0, TF
WIN Oliver Pada (FIN) via forfeit
LOSS Ilja Pelskans (LVA) via fall

44 kg

Jack Dubach (WI) — 8th
LOSS Ossian Johansson (SWE) 14-1, TF
WIN Oliver Issal (SWE) 15-8
WIN Brage Saether (SWE) via fall
WIN Calle Zetterkvist (SWE) via fall
LOSS Vikke Tarkkio (FIN) 10-0, TF

Ethan Soderbloom (WI) — 26th
LOSS Liam Svensson (SWE) via fall
LOSS Ibragim Vakhaev (NOR) 12-0, TF

48 kg

Greyson Clark (WI) — gold
WIN Oscar Josarp (SWE) via fall
WIN Tim Bergfalk (SWE) via fall
WIN Sebastian Annergren (SWE) 12-0, TF
WIN Adrian Foughani (SWE) via fall
WIN Adam Silverin (SWE) via fall
WIN Cheaney Schoeff (IN) 12-0, TF

Cheaney Schoeff (IN) — silver
WIN Hadi El Ayna (SWE) via fall
WIN Rashid Gamdamorov (SWE) via fall
WIN Lucas Bagander (SWE) via fall
WIN Alexander Gustafsson (SWE) 12-7
WIN Teymor Sultanov (SWE) via fall
WIN Antonio Bogodan (SWE) 12-0, TF
LOSS Greyson Clark (WI) 12-0, TF

52 kg

Zane Licht (WI) — 5th
LOSS Llias Ayhan (SWE) 16-14
WIN Carl Boxe (SWE) via fall
WIN Tuure Lindstrom (FIN) 14-0, TF
WIN Oskar Ståhl (SWE) 12-3, TF
WIN Hugo Baff (SWE) via fall
LOSS Artur Jeremejev (EST) 15-2, TF

Gavin Linjer (WI) — 14th
WIN Erik Haugen (NOR) 14-8
LOSS George Kristerson (EST) 12-0, TF
LOSS Petter Lundh (SWE) 13-0, TF

Kai Shultz (OK) — 17th
WIN Liam Azzam (SWE) 10-8
LOSS Rasmus Ulriksen (Denmark) via fall
LOSS Nico Reichel (GER) 12-0, TF

57 kg

Jadon Skellenger (ID) — gold
WIN Hugo Svahn (SWE via fall
WIN Islam Omarov (SWE) via fall
WIN Santeri Karppinen (FIN) via fall
WIN Ali Ahmed (SWE) via fall
WIN Henry Amborn (WI) via fall
WIN Hugo Jorgensen (SWE) via fall
WIN Ruben Fodor (SWE) via fall

Karsen Otis (WI) — 5th
WIN Oliver Farnestam (SWE) 12-0, TF
WIN Niklas Lehtonen (FIN) 14-0, TF
WIN Oskar Svensson (SWE) via fall
WIN Veeti Kajanne (SWE) via fall
LOSS Ruben Fodor (SWE) via fall
LOSS Elias Mikko (SWE) via fall

Henry Amborn (WI) — 6th
WIN Seif Al-Rubiaai (SWE) 13-0, TF
WIN Santeri Karppinen (SWE) via fall
WIN Veeti Aalto (SWE) 12-1, TF
LOSS Hugo Jorgensen (SWE) 7-6
LOSS Jadon Skellenger (ID) via fall


55 kg

Carter Stephenson (CO) — 7th
WIN Mark Loitto (SWE) 15-7, TF
WIN Hugo Hautamäki (FIN) 14-4, TF
LOSS Allan Behnam (SWE) 9-0, TF
LOSS Snorre Lund (NOR) 8-0, TF

60 kg

Cole Stephenson (CO) — bronze
LOSS Victor Borgström (SWE) via fall
WIN Fabian Frisk (SWE) 8-0, TF
WIN Onni Rintamäki (FIN) 8-0, TF
WIN Oskar Pettersson (SWE) 8-0, TF
WIN Louis Lay (GER) 12-9
WIN Nestori Mannila (FIN) 8-0, TF

65 kg

Logan Hatch (WI) — silver
WIN Samuel Trellid (SWE) 2-2 (criteria)
WIN Puttichart Phaitoonwong (SWE) via fall
WIN Matheuz Bergqvist (SWE) 11-0, TF
LOSS Noel Fredlund (SWE) 9-2
WIN Marius Dalsbotten (NOR) 6-5
WIN Mahdi Farahinand (NOR) via fall
LOSS Inayatollah Mohseini (SWE) 9-0, TF

Noah Wachsmuth (OR) — bronze
WIN Kristoffer Pettersen (SWE) 8-0, TF
LOSS Kasperi Kauhanen (FIN) 7-2
WIN Max Scharfenort (SWE) 8-0, TF
WIN Rahman Kusnetsov (SWE) 11-0, TF
WIN Alexander Riefling (GER) 10-7
LOSS Inayatollah Mohseini (SWE) 8-0, TF
WIN Puttichart Phaitoonwong (SWE) 24-13

Hunter Lewis (WI) — 9th
WIN Yasin Haijzadeh (SWE) 13-6, TF
WIN Jim Valikainen (FIN) 8-0, TF
LOSS Alexander Riefling (GER) 3-1
WIN Hermund Ophaug (SWE) 13-2, TF
LOSS Kasperi Kauhanen (FIN) 4-1


60 kg

Sean Sesnan (WBC) — 5th
WIN Muhammed Anvari (SWE) 9-0, TF
WIN Jacob Cochran (NMU/OTS) 20-12, TF
WIN Imranullah Safi (SWE) 13-11
LOSS Niklas Öhlen (SWE) 11-2, TF
LOSS Colin Eckert (GER) 10-5

Jacob Cochran (NMU/OTS) — 7th
WIN Imranullah Safi (SWE) via all
LOSS Sean Sesnan (WBC) 201-12, TF
LOSS Colin Eckert (GER) via fall

David Stepanian (NMU/OTS) — 9th
LOSS Henri Halonen (FIN) 9-1, TF
WIN Imranullah Safi (SWE) 10-1, TF
LOSS Aliaksandr Niahoda (BLR) via fall

Jon Massey (NMU/OTS) — 11th
WIN Artor Hagerup (SWE) 8-4
LOSS Colin Eckert (GER) 8-0, TF
LOSS Niklas Öhlen (SWE) via forfeit

67 kg

Dominic Damon (WA) — 6th
WIN Walter Wale (SWE) 8-0, TF
WIN Abedin Khalili (SWE) via fall
LOSS Isak Rørnes (SWE) 9-0, TF
LOSS Maksim Nehoda (BLR) 8-0, TF

Eric Spence (NMU/OTS) — 8th
WIN Elias Klingståhl (SWE) via fall
LOSS Anton Mansson (SWE) 10-6
LOSS Mathias Naess (NOR) 9-1, TF

72 kg

Britton Holmes (NMU/OTS) — 13th
LOSS Gustav Dahl (SWE) 7-7 (criteria)
LOSS Rasmus Astrom (SWE) 3-2

Timmy Thompson (NMU/OTS) — 17th
LOSS Siarhei Baradziulia (BLR) 9-0, TF
LOSS Didrik Silverin (SWE)_10-0, TF

77 kg

Ryan Cummings (NMU/OTS) — 7th
LOSS Oliver Krüger (DEN) 14-5, TF
WIN Jack Nordström (SWE) via fall
WIN Zachary Grimes (NMU/OTS) 9-1, TF
LOSS Sakke Purolainen (FIN) 9-0, TF

Tommy Dantzler (Front Range Twisters) — 12th
LOSS Roni Purolainen (FIN) 10-2, TF
WIN Mikita Mihun (BLR) via forfeit
LOSS Lukas Høier Jensen (DEN) 9-0, TF

Zachary Grimes (NMU/OTS) — 14th
WIN Jack Nordström (SWE) 8-0, TF
LOSS Sakke Purolainen (FIN) 8-0, TF
LOSS Ryan Cummings (NMU/OTS) 9-1, TF

Zach Tolver (NMU/OTS) — 18th
LOSS Joel Hult (SWE) 9-0, TF
LOSS Roni Purolainen (FIN) 9-0, TF

82 kg

Corey Fitzgerald (NMU/OTS) — bronze
WIN Rickard Modig (SWE) 8-0, TF
WIN Jafar Shiri (SWE) 8-0, TF
WIN Bilal Omarov (SWE) via fall
LOSS Artsiom Valaskovich (BLR) 10-3
WIN David Zaypaev (NOR) via fall

Finley Allen (NMU/OTS) — 10th
WIN DM Hallet (NMU/OTS) 8-0, TF
LOSS David Zaypaev (NOR) 12-0, TF
LOSS Mehdi Zeidvand (SWE) 17-14

DM Hallet (NMU/OTS) — 13th
LOSS Finley Allen (NMU/OTS) 8-0, TF
LOSS Mehdi Zeidvand (SWE) 8-0, TF

87 kg

Keaton Fanning (NMU/OTS) — 6th
LOSS Naib Ilaldayev (SWE) via fall
LOSS Kiryl Maskevich (BLR) 5-1

97 kg

Nick Boykin (Sunkist) — 6th
WIN Oscar Svensson (SWE) 10-1, TF
LOSS Billy Raaf (SWE) 5-0
LOSS Kalle Persson (SWE) 10-2

130 kg

Tyler Curd (NMU/OTS) — gold
WIN Nikola Miltatovic (NOR) 9-1, TF
WIN Trace Schirmers (NMU/OTS) via fall
WIN Fardin Anosheh (SWE) via fall
WIN Ilya Yudchytis (BLR) via fall

Trace Schirmer (NMU/OTS) — 5th
LOSS Nikola Milatovic (NOR) 8-0, TF
LOSS Ilya Yudchytis (BLR) 8-0, TF
LOSS Tyler Curd (NMU/OTS) via fall


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