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2019 USA vs. Team Skåne Brottning Dual — Lineups & Schedule

Photo: Cornelia Nielsen

Wednesday ushers in the annual USA versus Team Skåne Brottning dual meet, as well as a slew of other matches that provide up-and-coming athletes with the chance to compete in a fun but hyper-intense environment.

The majority of the wrestlers competing on Wednesday also participated this past weekend in the Klippan Cup, where the US managed to secure their third consecutive team title. However — because the Klippan Cup is a Senior event, a few younger age-group athletes were left out in the cold. That includes Cael Kahle (55 kg, TWC), who tomorrow will see two matches — first against TSB’s Noah Söderkvist, and then Kahle will face Pontus Stahl to close out the dual.

2019 US Open runner-up Spencer Woods (NYAC/OTS) finished fifth on Saturday and meets up with ’19 Junior Nordic Championships silver Erik Persson (TSB). Persson, like several other Swedish athletes, is a familiar name and face due to the litany of joint training opportunities enjoyed by the two nations. To that point, also in action versus the US will be Lukas Ahlgren, who has both trained with and competed against US athletes each of the past three seasons. Ahlgren is also coming off of a gold-medal-winning performance at Klippan, edging Andre Isberg (Varsberg BoIS) in the final via criteria. Ahlgren is a developing athlete who is expected to give Klippan bronze Timothy Eubanks (87 kg, NMU/OTS) a tough test, which is all part of the dual’s objective.

Klippan Cup gold Sean Sesnan (60 kg, NMU/OTS) is paired with Ruben Fodor (TSB), while Sesan’s runner-up from Saturday Payton Jacobson (TWC) has Fabian Frisk. Frisk suited up for last year’s dual and was defeated by David Stepanian.

In the lineup yet again is Tommy Brackett (82 kg, NMU/OTS). Brackett — as is the case with Logan Hatch (67 kg, EAP/OPTC) — is sufficiently experienced when it comes to this tour and earned his first piece of Klippan hardware on Saturday. The Tennessee native will lock horns with Ludvig Gustavsson (TSB) to open the last third of the bout card.

A contingent of Lithuanian athletes are also involved in the training camp, and that means more matches added to Wednesday’s schedule. Four USA/Lithuania bouts are on the docket and will take place prior to the dual meet with TSB. That also means (aside from Kahle) four Americans will be pulling double duty, as Nate Grimes (67 kg, NMU/OTS), Brody Olson (67 kg, ID), Hatch, and Tommy Dantzler (82 kg, Front Range Twisters) are all penciled in against LTU competitors.

Following the “main event” dual, Lithuania and TSB will hold another set of matches to put a definitive cap on the festivities.

The USA vs. Team Skåne Brottning dual is scheduled to begin at 7:00pm local time (2:00pm ET) and can be view live on TSB’s Facebook page.


  • Ahlgren, Algot Kallman (77 kg), and several other Swedish athletes are representing TSB this week but actually compete for different clubs.
  • The US will remain in training camp through the end of the week before traveling to Västerås for the Malarcupen, which begins on Saturday morning.
  • Speaking of the camp, it is a large one. On the mat at TSB yesterday were 80 athletes from three nations.

2019 Team USA vs. Team Skåne Brottning Dual

(Weight classes are approximates)

55 kg: Cael Kahle (USA) vs. Noah Söderkvist (TSB)
67 kg: Nick Leonetti (USA) vs. Theo Jönsson (TSB)
67 kg: Logan Hatch (USA) vs. Armando Molin (TSB)
60 kg: Payton Jacobson (USA) vs. Fabian Frisk (TSB)
67 kg: Brody Olsson (USA) vs. Max Scharfenort (TSB)
77 kg: Spenser Woods (USA) vs. Erik Persson (TSB)
60 kg: Sean Sesnan (USA) vs. Ruben Fodor (TSB)
67 kg: Nate Grimes (USA) vs. Algot Kallman (TSB)
82 kg: Tommy Brackett (USA) vs. Ludvig Gustavsson (TSB)
82 kg: Tommy Dantzler (USA) vs. Alexander Johansson (TSB)
87 kg: Timothy Eubanks (USA) vs. Lukas Ahlgren (TSB)
55 kg: Cael Kahle (USA) vs. Pontus Stahl (TSB)

Preliminary Dual Matches

USA vs. Lithuania

67 kg: Logan Hatch (USA) vs. Mindaugas Venckaitis (LTU)
67 kg: Brody Olson (USA) vs. Vilius Savickas (LTU)
72 kg: Nate Grimes (USA) vs. Eimantas Vilimas (LTU)
82 kg: Tommy Dantzler (USA) vs. Arminas Lygnugaris (LTU)

Post-Dual Matches

Team Skåne Brottning vs. Lithuania 

67 kg: Armando Molin (TSB) vs. Vilius Savickas (LTU)
67 kg: Ahmad Kawoon (TSB) vs. Mindaugas Venckaitis (LTU)
72 kg: Erik Persson (TSB) vs. Eimantas Vilimas (LTU)
82 kg: Algot Kallman (TSB) vs. Arminas Lygnugaris (LTU)


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