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NEW! Greco-Roman Crossword Puzzle

greco-roman crossword puzzle

Every now and again, we like to provide a little breather for the audience. Some fun and games. Normally, that comes in the form of quizzes, which are sporadically released throughout the competitive season. This time around, we’re trying something different to keep Greco on your mind.

Behold, our first (attempt at a) Greco-Roman crossword puzzle. All of the clues pertain to American athletes and concerns for now. Hopefully, this endeavor does not cause too much brain-stretching to get the answers correct. Even if that is the case, you can keep going and going until the puzzle is complete.

Depending on the screen size of your device, you may have to slightly scroll to the right to input answers. All of the clues are located beneath the puzzle itself in order to optimize the user experience.


[game-crossword id=”13707″ ]

As always, these efforts are explored to provide and maintain exposure of the American athletes. Should this first venture out prove a success, forthcoming crossword puzzles may see an increase in difficulty — such as the inclusion of foreign athletes and fringe vernacular.

For now, here’s hoping you cracked a smile or two and wind up coming back for more.

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