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US National Results: U20 & U17

jordyn raney, 2024 u17 world team trials
Jordyn Raney -- Photo: Richard Immel

Two age-group National tournaments plus one World Team selection process have now been completed as Greco-Roman wrestling in the US continues to gain momentum in the wake of last week’s Olympic Trials.

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On Wednesday from the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas, National Championships for both the U20 and U15 age groups were held. Titlists in the U20 (formerly “Junior) division will now receive byes to the best-of-three finals at their World Trials in late-May (Geneva, OH). For U15 (and in part for U17), the procedures are different. Those who came away with U15 National crowns earned for themselves points which are to be combined with their placings from freestyle. Wrestlers with the most points after these two events will have an opportunity to represent the US at the U15 Pan-Am Championships in June (San Salvador, El Salvador).

U17 selection procedures also include the dual-style stipulation — but the tournament’s victors in Greco-Roman from Thursday have earned placement on that age-group’s World Team (the U17 World Championships are scheduled to begin on Monday, August 19 in Amman, JOR). Wrestlers who also compete in freestyle and achieve more point values will, as is the case with U15, receive the chance to wrestle in the continental championships.

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U20 Highlights

The U20 field at the Nationals brought forth significant encouragement for the United States Greco-Roman program thanks to a field that featured a high number of athletes who either train in the style on a full-time basis or are enthusiastic Greco competitors despite holding collegiate aspirations.

Aden Attao (130 kg, Beaver Dam RTC) happens to fall under both categories.

Attao, who earned U20 World bronze in ’22 — and last week made the US National Team at the Olympic Trials — marched through his bracket on Wednesday on the strength of four stoppage victories. Attao was briefly challenged by Shilo Jones (Team ID WC) in the semifinal, with Jones being his only antagonist of the day to score offensive points. Attao closed Jones out with a four-point maneuver and then in the finals defeated Hayden Simpson (Cowboy RTC) via fall. Attao, 19, took an Olympic redshirt this past season in order to train Greco-Roman full time leading up to the Olympic Trials. Next season, he is expected to compete for Oregon State University.

Following an impressive Senior campaign that concluded in the finals of the Last Chance Olympic Trials Qualifier, ’22 U17 World Champion Joel Adams (TBW) emerged from a crowded 67 kg bracket to advance onto his second consecutive U20 World roster. Adams was dominant throughout the first two rounds of the tournament before a very tough Paul Kelly (Poway) provided a test in the quarterfinal. Kelly led Adams 2-0 entering the second period but Adams executed three multi-point attacks to eventually move on by a score of 10-4. In the semifinal, fellow star prospect Colton Parduhn (IGA) likewise carried a slim lead (1-0, passivity) against Adams heading into Period 2; but when Adams got his own chance to score, he did so to the tune of one passive and six exposure points.

Brennan Van Hoecke (FL), coming off of his redshirt freshman season for the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, himself had a fine tournament and had survived an electrifying shootout against Pierson Manville (PA) in the semifinal round. But Adams did not allow Van Hoecke to get started in their title match, using a front headlock for two, a short lift for four, and a gutwrench to force a halt to the contest.

Back for another Greco run — and, potentially, another run at World hardware — is Cory Land (60 kg, Panther Wrestling Club RTC), who performed brilliantly on Wednesday. Land did not have any easy opponents but was still sharp and dominant as he navigated the top portion of the bracket, prevailing in each of his matches via technical fall. Elijah Cortez (Daniel Cormier WC), meanwhile, was similarly effective but did have to grit through a 4-3 decision over Teegan Vasquez (Kalispell WC) in the semis. Land capitalized on passivity against Cortez in the finals to take a 5-0 lead. Another point just prior to the break elevated his margin to 6-0. Cortez notched two points early in the second period, but Land cruised the rest of the way to come out on top 7-2.

One of the most highly-anticipated U20 finals occurred at 63 kilograms. Last year, Landon Drury (Betterman Elite) and Otto Black (CTT) delivered a very competitive bout in the Trials, an event Drury went on to win before eventually challenging for bronze at the World Championships later in the summer. They also did not disappoint on Wednesday evening. Passivity on Drury allowed Black to jet out to a 5-0 lead after landing a lift from par terre; but upon impact, Drury reversed and executed a correct hold to make the score 5-4 (one point from an upheld call following a challenge). The score was 5-5 in the second period with Black holding criteria when Drury’s opportunity from top par terre did not bring him additional points. Clinging to that same criteria lead with less than :30 to go, Black bodylocked Drury for five and soon walked away with the 10-5 decision. Black was voted the tournament’s Outstanding Wrestler for his efforts.

Another packed weight category was 72 kilograms featuring Jadon Skellenger (Team ID WC), Ayson Rice (Legends of Gold), Will Scherer (Combat WC), and TJ Schierl (Ohio RTC). But the young man standing tall at the end was ’23 Fargo champ Brett Back (Dubuque RTC), who like Scherer, is a full-time Greco athlete. Back was down 4-0 to Hunter Sturgill (Baylor Wrestling Academy) in the second period of their quarterfinal match when he walloped a headlock to give him the edge via criteria. He would have to hold tight to that lead all the way to the last whistle. In the semifinal, Back was able to quickly transition from a takedown and turn well-decorated wrestler Braden Stauffenberg the requisite number of times to garner a technical fall. Tyler Antoniak (MWC) — who had one round prior downed Skellenger — stood toe-to-toe with Back throughout their time together in the finals and was ahead 2-1 in the second period when passivity rang. From top par terre, Back went lefty on his gutwrench to pick up two points as well as a 4-2 lead that he would not relinquish.

Recent U17 World Team member Arvin Khosravy advanced to the 82 kg final after going 3-0 with all three wins coming via VSU. On the opposite side of the bracket, his younger brother Arian Khosravy likewise defeated all comers. The siblings, understandably perhaps, did not greet one another in the finals. Arvin forfeited to Arian, the latter of whom will be waiting in the best-of-three Trials final next month in Ohio.

U17 Highlights

U20 and U15 (briefly recapped below) were both contested on Wednesday — and both were framed as National Championships. U17 — which was brought to bear on Thursday — offered an actual World Team Trials tournament with best-of-three finals in each weight class.

The headline for U17 was, of course, returning World Champion Jordyn Raney (60 kg, IRTC). In total, Raney competed in six matches at the tournament. His first four were all victories by way of technical superiority, and all four were achieved in under one minute of match time. Only in the best-of-three final did a Raney opponent survive the first period. In Match 1, Manuel Saldate (Gold Rush Wrestling) lasted to the midway point of the second before Raney hit a throw that ended the proceedings. Raney subsequently defeated Saldate via VSU in the next round, as well. To the surprise of few, Raney was selected the Outstanding Wrestler for this age group.

Raney’s twin Jayden Raney (55 kg) also made the U17 World Team. There were similarities to be found in how both went about their business in Vegas on Thursday, as Jayden Raney won each of his championship bracket bouts inside of the allotted time.

But the finals series was not as breezy, particularly Match 2. Raney downed Saxton Scott (Team ID WC) 10-2 in the opener and was close to generating a big lead early in the second round. Raney had lifted Scott for an apparent four but those points were wiped off the board after Scott’s corner challenged. In the aftermath, Scott was penalized for a leg foul and Raney received a chance from par terre top — but Scott managed to avoid further damage. Shortly thereafter, a Raney front headlock attempt came apart as Scott countered to net four points. He then converted a gutwrench for two points to take the lead 6-4.

After Raney scored a takedown to usher in Period 2, Scott would later have success with another counter-attack. Raney had seized upon both of Scott’s arms to gain leverage for a throw, but Scott responded by explosively hipping Raney over for four points plus one extra from the officials’ review of the sequence. With time a factor, Raney had his own re-attack that distributed to him two points; in addition, Scott was on his back and penalized for a leg foul. The officials once more convened and returned from their discussion to award Raney the win over Scott via disqualification (leg fouls).

In the 65 kg final series, it was skilled Colton Weiler (AWA) who was selected for the U17 World Team at the expense of ’23 Fargo Cadet Champion Wyatt Medlin (IRTC). Weiler triumphed in Match 1 10-2; in Match 2, Medlin was trailing 3-1 with :15 remaining when he was able to level-change into a body attack that resulted in a takedown along with his having the lead on criteria. The clutch takedown had knotted the series at 1-1.

Match 3 began with Medlin and Weiler divvying in the ties, and the former would score a step-out point to inch ahead 1-0 entering the break. Passivity on Weiler delivered to Medlin another point. From top par terre, Medlin wanted to work for a gutwrench but Weiler immediately attempted to hip out and up; he did so, but had exposed in the process, thus elevating Medlin’s lead to 4-0. As they ambled to their feet, Weiler used a strong right underhook and collar to drive Medlin out of bounds for a step-out point; however, a few seconds passed by and then suddenly Medlin was also the recipient of a caution on the part of the mat chair. The officials got together in haste to try and understand what the call was supposed to be and action eventually resumed with said caution being dismissed. After the next reset, Weiler dragged behind Medlin and aggressively pursued a takedown towards the edge. The action scored — and the mat chair again had determined that Medlin was deemed worthy of a fleeing caution. Confusion ensued, for the function of three-man officiating mechanics prohibits mat chairs from making such calls. The penalty was confirmed nevertheless. Weiler from top par terre worked hard for a gutwrench from par terre but Medlin defended adequately. Back standing, and soon Medlin was flagged for a hands-to-face caution. Two more points were given to Weiler. Medlin’s corner challenged. The call was upheld. Weiler received one more point to his total and had won Match 3 via 6-4 decision. A very grueling, competitive series.

One weight category north resided a dynamite battle between Joseph Jeter (71 kg, Husky WC) and Jacob Herm (Neenah HS, WI). A prolific arm-spinner, Jeter latched onto Herm’s right arm and lowered his level through numerous attempts and had raced out in front for a 5-0 Match 1 lead. Towards the end of the first period, Herm wanted a front headlock and sat to his hip, only to have Jeter follow and cover to earn the win by way of fall. Herm struck back in Match 2 of their finals series by building a 7-0 advantage in the first period and collecting another pair of points early in the second.

Thus, it came down to Match 3 between the two talented upstarts. A World Team spot was on the line and both competitors were ready to unleash their offense.

Sure enough, the third and decisive match had barely gotten underway as Herm swam behind Jeter, who reflexively reached over his right shoulder to snare Herm’s arm and finish the hold to net four points. A reset, and then Herm was in on a front headlock that he cranked to give himself four. They were trading scoring actions like boxers trade punches. Jeter scrambled following the front headlock, found his feet, and engaged a reverse lift as if automated. The call on the mat was four points but Herm’s corner challenged the sequence and the hold was downgraded to a two-point scoring maneuver.

Time was not wasted by either gentleman upon the start of Period 2. They made contact, and soon Herm was twisting a headlock. Two more points were his, but Jeter ambled up and behind Herm for a reversal point. The scoreboard read 7-6 and more points were certainly expected to materialize.

Herm tried to take the initiative by leveraging a front headlock, to which Jeter responded by spinning from underneath the hold. Just when it appeared that a takedown for Herm was imminent, Jeter spun to the side and stepped over for a takedown. He then hastily locked for a gutwrench and cranked out two additional points. As soon as the rotation of the gut was completed, Herm scrambled right to his feet ready to engage. Jeter was also prepared. He reached for one more arm spin, executed the action, and had the points necessary to secure the match, the series, and his spot on the ’24 U17 World Team.

2024 National Championships

April 24-25 — Las Vegas, NV


55 kg: Isaiah Cortez (Daniel Cormier WC) def. Elyle Francisco (NMU/NTS) 3-1
60 kg: Cory Land
(Panther WC RTC) def. Elijah Cortez (Daniel Cormier WC) 7-2
63 kg: Otto Black
(CTT) def. Landon Drury (Betterman Elite) 10-5
67 kg: Joel Adams
(TBW) def. Brennan Van Hoecke (FL) 8-0, TF
72 kg: Brett Back
(Dubuque RTC) def. Tyler Antoniak (MWC) 4-2
77 kg: Aydin Rix-McElhinney
(Northern Colorado WC) def. Leister Bowling IV (CTT) 8-0, TF
82 kg: Arian Khosravy
(CA) def. Arvin Khosravy (CA) via default
87 kg: Nick Nosler
(Southern Illinois RTC) def. Anthony Tuttle (PINnacle WC) 9-0, TF
97 kg: Soren Herzog
(Air Force RTC) def. Soren Pirhoun (Gunston WC) 9-0, TF
130 kg:
 Aden Attao (Beaver Dam RTC) def. Hayden Simpson (Cowboy RTC) via fall


55 kg

1. Isaiah Cortez (Daniel Cormier WC)
2. Elyle Francisco (NMU/NTS)
3. Ezekiel Witt (Manhattan Wrestling)
4. Kody Tanimoto (Spartan Mat Club)
5. Mack Mauger (ID WC)
6. Rhett Peak (Checkmat WC)
7. Davis Motyka (XCalibur Athletics)
8. Zach Silvis (GR Development)

60 kg

1. Cory Land (Panther WC RTC)
2. Elijah Cortez (Daniel Cormier WC)
3. Teegab Vasquez (Kalispell WC)
4. Cale Seaton (Big Game WC)
5. Bubba Wright (Air Force RTC)
6. Adam Butler (The Wrestling Factory of Cleveland)
7. Colson Hoffman (Compound)
8. Lukas Kanownik (Suples WC)

63 kg

1. Otto Black (CTT)
2. Landon Drury (Betterman Elite)
3. Amryn Nutter (Combat WC)
4. Rhett Koenig (Gopher WC RTC)
5. Kaden Ercanbrack (NMU/NTS)
6. Carter Nogle (Headhunters WC)
7. Tanner Frothinger (Suples WC)
8. William Anderson (Ironclad WC)

67 kg

1. Joel Adams (TBW)
2. Brennan Van Hoecke (FL)
3. Colton Parduhn (IGA)
4. Gunnar Hamre (Combat WC)
5. Pierson Manville (PA)
6. Noah Tapia (Blue & Gold WC)
7. Paul Kelly (Poway HS)
8. Noah Rice (LAW)

72 kg

1. Brett Back (Dubuque RTC)
2. Tyler Antoniak (MWC)
3. Jadon Skellenger (Team ID WC)
4. Braden Stauffenberg (Michigan WC)
5. Aliaksandr Kikiniou (Poway HS)
6. Owen Hicks (Curby 3-Style)
7. Hunter Sturgill (Baylor Wrestling Academy)
8. Gabriel Delgado (Gold Rush Wrestling)

77 kg

1. Aydin Rix-McElhinney (Northern Colorado WC)
2. Leister Bowling IV (CTT)
3. Bradley Gillum (Southern Illinois RTC)
4. Caden Young (Mustang WC)
5. Gavin Ricketts (KY)
6. Ashton Miess (Combat WC)
7. Benjamin Smith (LAW)
8. Magnus Kuokkanen (Indiana RTC)

82 kg

1. Arian Khosravy (CA)
2. Arvin Khosravy (CA)
3. Aidan Squier (Combat WC)
4. Kennan Wyatt (Knights RTC)
5. Brent Slade Jr. (Moen Wrestling Academy)
6. Noah Poe-Hatten (MT)
7. Deontre Buttram (Del City WC)
8. Roth Powers (Avalanche Wrestling Association)

87 kg

1. Nick Nosler (Southern Illinois RTC)
2. Antony Tuttle (PINnacle)
3. Lars Michaelson (NWWC)
4. Anders Thompson (Flathead HS)
5. Matthew Rodriguez (Tiger Den WC)
6. Mason Christian (MT)
7. Riley Hicks (Sons of Thunder)
8. Aiden Cooley (Best Trained Wrestling)

97 kg

1. Soren Herzog (Air Force RTC)
2. Soren Pirhoun (Gunston WC)
3. Max Ramberg (Viking RTC)
4. Brennan Carey (Combat WC)
5. Cittadino Tuttle (PINnacle)
6. Joseph Lewis (IA)
7. Michael Calcagno (Izzy Style)
8. Ian Smith (CrassTrained Weigh-In Club)

130 kg

1. Aden Attao (Beaver Dam RTC)
2. Hayden Simpson (Cowboy RTC)
3. Joshua Terrill (Michigan WC)
4. Cameron Groncki (NMU/NTS)
5. Shilo Jones (Team ID WC)
6. Jaren Rohde (Dubuque RTC)
7. Cody Kwak (Victory School of Wrestling)
8. Jackson Mankowski (WI)


*Contested in best-of-three series
*Winners to represent USA at U17 World Championships (August, Amman, JOR)

45 kg: Loc Webber (Beast Mode) vs. Cason Craft (Three-Style Wrestling of OK)

Webber def. Craft two matches to zero

Match 1: Webber def. Craft 7-5
Match 2:
Webber def. Craft 8-0, TF

48 kg: Hayden Schwab (Immortal Athletics WC) vs. Carter Shin (Integrity WC)

Schwab def. Shin two matches to zero

Match 1: Schwab def. Shin 7-2
Match 2: Schwab def. Shin via fall

51 kg: Domenic Munaretto (IL) vs. Arseni Kikiniou (Poway) 

Munaretto def. Kikiniou two matches to one

Match 1: Munaretto def. Kikiniou 2-0
Match 2:
Kikiniou def. Munaretto 7-3
Match 3:
Munaretto def. Kikiniou 9-2

55 kg: Jayden Raney (IRTC) vs. Saxton Scott (Team ID WC) 

Raney def. Scott two matches to zero

Match 1: Raney def. Scott 10-2, TF
Match 2: Raney def. Scott via DQ

60 kg: Jordyn Raney (IRTC) vs. Manuel Saldate (Gold Rush Wrestling)

Raney def. Saldate two matches to zero

Match 1: Raney def. Saldate 9-0, TF
Match 2: Raney def. Saldate 10-0, TF

65 kg: Wyatt Medlin (IRTC) vs. Colton Weiler (AWA)

Weiler def. Medlin two matches to one

Match 1: Weiler def. Medlin 10-1, TF
Match 2: Medlin def. Weiler 3-3 (criteria)
Match 3: Weiler def. Medlin 6-4

71 kg: Joseph Jeter (Husky WC) vs. Jacob Herm (Neenah HS)

Jeter def. Herm two matches to one

Match 1: Jeter def. Herm via fall
Match 2: Herm def. Jeter 9-0, TF
Match 3: Jeter def. Herm 15-6, TF

80 kg: Adonis Bonar (MWC) vs. Emmitt Sherlock (Headhunters WC)

Sherlock def. Bonar two matches to zero

Match 1: Sherlock def. Bonar 9-0, TF
Match 2: Sherlock def. Bonar 10-9

92 kg: Evan McGuire (PINnacle) vs. Alexander Smith (Spartan RTC)

McGuire def. Smith two matches to zero

Match 1: McGuire def. Smith 8-0, TF
Match 2: McGuire def. Smith 8-3

110 kg: Trayvn Boger (Sanderson Wrestling Academy) vs. Kai Calcutt (Relentless TC)

Boger def. Calcutt two matches to one

Match 1: Boger def. Calcutt via fall
Match 2: Calcutt def. Boger 9-1, TF
Match 3: Boger def. Calcutt 13-8


45 kg

1. Loc Webber (Beast Mode)
2. Cason Craft (Threestyle Wrestling of OK)
3. Corey Brown (Headhunters WC)
4. Jose Cordero (Higher Calling WC)
5. Hudson Chittum (Sebolt Wrestling Academy)
6. Vincent Demarco (AWA)
7. Ethan Humphrey (Big Game WC)
8. Michael Rundell (IL)

48 kg

1. Hayden Schwab (Immortal Athletics WC)
2. Carter Shin (Integrity WC)
3. Kaleb Pratt (The Wrestling Academy)
4. Caleb Noble (Toss Em Up Wrestling Academy)
5. Eli Herring (PA)
6. Drew Dawson (Roseburg Mat Club/Umpqua Valley Wrestling Association)
7. Kellen Downing (Flathead HS)
8. Dylan Ota (Spartan Mat Club)

51 kg

1. Domenic Munaretto (IL)
2. Arseni Kikiniou (Poway)
3. Dunia Sibomana (Long Beach USA WC)
4. Max Francisco (Anchorage Youth Wrestling Academy)
5. Joel Friederichs (MN Elite WC)
6. Daniel Goodwin (Izzy Style)
7. Cooper Hinz (Big Game WC)
8. Konner Blaney (Beast Mode)

55 kg

1. Jayden Raney (IRTC)
2. Saxton Scott (Team ID WC)
3. Titan Frederichs (MN Elite WC)
4. Will Detar (PA)
5. Nicholas Sorrow (Simmons Academy of Wrestling)
6. Slater Hicks (Central Coast RTC)
7. Dustin John Snider (Betterman Elite)
8. Arno Vardanyan (Birmingham Community Charter HS)

60 kg

1. Jordyn Raney (IRTC)
2. Manuel Saldate (Gold Rush Wrestling)
3. Valentine Popadiuc (St. John Pius HS)
4. Isaiah Jones (OK)
5. Dawson Youngblut (Immortal Athletics WC)
6. Geronimo Rivera (Sanderson Wrestling Academy)
7. Samson McKissick Staley (Pit Crew WC)
8. Noah Koyama (Askeo International Mat Club)

65 kg

1. Colton Weiler (AWA)
2. Wyatt Medlin (IRTC)
3. Thomas Verette (Edmond North HS)
4. Joshua Requena (Beat the Streets-LA)
5. Derek Barrows (Bear Cave WC)
6. Blue Stiffler (Roundtree Wrestling Academy)
7. Declan Koch (Neenah HS)
8. Nathaniel Askew (Tar Heel WC)

71 kg

1. Joseph Jeter (Husky WC)
2. Jacob Herm (Neenah HS)
3. Eli Esguerra (Beast Mode)
4. Owen McMullen (Bishop McCort HS)
5. Sullivan Ramos (AWA)
6. Mikel David Uyemura (World Team TC)
7. Carlos Valdez (Suples)
8. Tigran Greyan (St. John Bosco HS)

80 kg

1. Emmitt Sherlock (Headhunters WC)
2. Adnois Bonar II (MWC)
3. Ryder Wilder (Camden County HS)
4. Gavin Craner (Michigan Grappler TC)
5. Anthony Kroninger (Beast Mode)
6. Kalob Ybarra (Bear Cave WC)
7. Ben Smith (Sanderson Wrestling Academy)
8. Xavier Smith (Fishers WC)

92 kg

1. Evan McGuire (PINnacle)
2. Alexander Smith (Spartan RTC)
3. Cason Howle (Blue Chip WC)
4. Jaxon Penovich (IL)
5. Gage Runnels (IGA)
6. Samuel Stockton (GRIT Athletics WC)
7. William Ward (Garington TC)
8. Lusiano Lopez (OR)

110 kg

1. Trayvn Boger (Sanderson Wrestling Academy)
2. Kai Calcutt (Relentless TC)
3. James Bechter (MVKWA Patriot WC)
4. Mark Effendian (Stellar-Trained Wrestling)
5. Justice El-Sayad (Temecula Valley HS)
6. Danny Zmorowski (Lake Erie RTC)
7. James Hartleroad (Midwest RTC)
8. David Finch (OR Wrestling National Team)

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