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Monday Roundup: TWO Rule Updates; Army Finally Mobilized

ellis coleman, army, 66 kg
Ellis Coleman -- PL-Photo

In last week’s Roundup, the major item outside of the Russian National results was the appearance of a presumptive change to passivity governance that incorporates a third par terre option. Seven days later, and this rule update is no longer in the testing phase. Rather, it has been approved for immediate use in all upcoming competitions.

Effective today under Article 47 of United World Wrestling’s International Wrestling rulebook, the potential for a third par terre opportunity is included. Below is the language employed to describe the new procedure as written.

  • 1st passivity in a match (regardless which wrestler), active wrestler receives 1 point and can choose
    between standing or parterre wrestling (P).
  • 2nd passivity in a match (regardless which wrestler), active wrestler receives 1 point and can choose
    between standing or parterre wrestling (P).
  • 3rd and any further passivity in a match (regardless which wrestler), the bout is stopped and the
    active wrestler can choose between standing or parterre wrestling (P). The active wrestler will not be
    awarded with 1 point

The rule update had been tested recently, most prominently in Russia, and was noticed in two bouts of particular significance from that tournament. In the 60-kilogram semifinal, Emin Sefershaev was leading ’18 World Champion Sergey Emelin 2-0 (on two passivity points) with just over a minute remaining in the bout. Sefershaev was knocked, which gave Emelin an opportunity from top. Emelin quickly took advantage by cranking a gutwrench and went on to win via criteria.

In the 67 final, Nasir Abduallev trailed ’18 World champ Artem Surkov 2-0 under identical circumstances, sans change in outcome. Both of Surkov’s points were passives. That is not to say the match had failed to deliver in other areas, for many of the exchanges were as bruising as they were tactical,. It was a good match. But offense was at a premium, if only because bouts pitting two elite-caliber athletes against one another tend to underdeliver when it comes to fireworks.

1:15 hung on the scoreboard clock in the second period when Surkov was hit for passivity (interestingly, neither athlete appeared surprised by the call, perhaps an indication wrestlers were appropriately informed prior to the tournament that the rule was being tested. — Ed.). Abdullaev then dutifully selected PT top but could not come up with a score; they returned standing and Surkov managed to defend Abdullaev’s last-gasp attacks to pick up his first National title (see video below).

It should be noted that par terre #3 was also reportedly available in Zagreb as well as well as Nice, the pair of international tournaments that preceded Russia’s nationals.

Fours Also See an Update

Article 39:4 now features an additional bulletpoint that will allow for less subjectivity pertaining to four-point holds, and very likely, more such scores to be recorded:

For any throw executed from standing or par terre where the opponent is completely lifted from the ground and lands on chest or one/two outstretched arms. The defensive wrestler must rotate (any direction) over a short amplitude.

UWW official Casey Goessl explained that this rule change not only streamlines action calls for the refs, it also, from his point of view, justly rewards wrestlers who are hunting for bigger scores. “Determining ‘amplitude’ isn’t as easy for some actions, especially reverse lifts,” Goessl said.  “This takes that out of the equation, and honestly, these actions probably deserve more points than a traditional turn because of the effort and risk involved.”

Army with Ivan

Army’s World Class Athletes Program has finally received permission to travel following months of near-misses and plans gone astray. Beginning today and stretching all the way until February 17, Army Greco wrestlers will be participating in a camp hosted by Ivan Ivanov at his Suples Training Headquarters in Boise, Idaho.

Nearly every member of WCAP is in Boise, including the “Ninja Squad” (Army’s band of elite lightweights), two-time National Teamer Luke Sheridan (97 kg, 5PM #2), JD Souza (87 kg, 5PM #11), and heavyweight stars Toby Erickson (5PM #5) and Jacob Mitchell (5PM #4).

sheridan and skellenger

THEN & NOW: ’19 U15 World champ Jadon Skellenger hitches a ride on Luke Sheridan’s back circa 2009 at the Community Youth Center in Concord, California; earlier today, Sheridan (left) and Skellenger caught up following practice at the Suples Training Headquarters, of which Skellenger is a full-time member. (Photo provided by Luke Sheridan)

Reached for comment, Army assistant coach Spenser Mango kept it short and sweet. “We’re really excited to get the opportunity to train with a World-class coach like Ivan,” Mango said. “His passion, knowledge, and love for our sport is top-tier.”

We plan to provide additional coverage throughout Army’s time in Idaho.

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