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Monday Roundup: Updated US Overseas Medal Count; Senior Season Takes Over

Ellis Coleman -- Photo: Jim Thrall/MatFocus

With the conclusion of both the U23 World Championships and the Mälarcupen this weekend, it is time to check in on hardware totals.

Today represents only the third “USA Greco-Roman Overseas Medal Count” this year. There is a simple, solid reason for that: US athletes (across the three major age groups not counting U15) have participated in less tournaments across the Atlantic compared to 2018 (which ended with Americans competing in 25 events).

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As of today, United States wrestlers have medaled in 22 tournaments this platform recognizes (including four United World Wrestling Worlds). But with three overseas Senior events still to go, a strong likelihood exists that the number of medal-winning tournaments by the end of this calendar year will match ’18’s total of 25.

The difference when tracing back the dates/events is that in ’19, the US did not have a medalist at either the Cadet or Senior Worlds — although there have been two more Senior tournament medal opportunities thanks to the Pan American Games and the US’ inclusion this year in the CISM Military World Games. But it should also be noted that in ’18, 5PM did not account for U15/Schoolboy.

*As of November 4.

  • 104 total medals between five age groups (U15, Cadet, Junior, U23, and Senior).
  • 43 golds, 29 silvers, and 32 bronze.
  • Senior — 32 medals (eight golds, ten silvers, and 14 bronze).
  • U23 — one medal (silver).
  • Junior — 25 medals (five golds, 11 silvers, and ten bronze).
  • Cadet — 15 medals (ten golds, three silvers, and two bronze).
  • U15 — 30 medals (20 golds, four silvers, and six bronze).
  • Of the 32 Senior medals, ’19 World Team member G’Angelo Hancock (97 kg, Sunkist, world no. 3) has the most with six (one gold, three silvers, and two bronze).

Grand Prix Zagreb Open (CRO) — 2/10/19 (SR)
SILVER: Xavier Johnson (63 kg, Marines)
BRONZE: G’Angelo Hancock (97 kg, Sunkist)

Granma Cup (CUB) — 2/17/19 (SR)
BRONZE: Nick Tarpley (72 kg, NYAC)

Hungarian Grand Prix (HUN) — 2/24/19 (SR)
GOLD: G’Angelo Hancock (97 kg, Sunkist)

Austrian Open (AUT) — 3/2/19 (JR)
GOLD: David Stepanian (55 kg, NMU/OTS)
SILVER: Delon Kanari (60 kg, NMU/OTS)
BRONZE: Haiden Drury (55 kg, WA), Mason Hartshorn (60 kg, NMU/OTS), Noah Wachsmuth (67 kg, OTC), Keaton Fanning (87 kg, NMU/OTS)

Thor Masters (DEN) — 3/16/19 (SR)
BRONZE: G’Angelo Hancock (97 kg, Sunkist)

Grand Prix Chomutov (CZE) — 3/19 (CADET & JR)
BRONZE: Cole Stephenson (60 kg, EAP/OTC, JR), Tyler Hannah (92 kg, Combat, CADET)

Tallinn Open (EST) — 3/30/19 (U15, CADET, & JR)
GOLD: Jadon Skellenger (62 kg, U15), Sefton Douglass (48 kg, CADET)
SILVER: Cash Stewart (52 kg, U15), Hunter Lewis (63 kg, JR), Jacob Kaminski (97 kg, JR)
BRONZE: Braden Tatum (38 kg, U15), Henry Amborn (57 kg, U15)

Kristjan Palusalu Memorial (EST) — 4/6/19 (SR)
BRONZE: Robby Smith (130 kg, NYAC/Chicago RTC)

Torneo Internacional Jóvenes Promesas (ESP) — 4/14/19 (CADET, JR, & U23)
SILVER: Hassan Khan (71 kg, CA, CADET), Timothy Eubanks (87 kg, WBU, JR), Austin O’Connor (130 kg, NV, JR), Timothy Eubanks (87 kg, WBU, U23)

Pan American Championships (ARG) — 4/19/19 (SR)
GOLD: Max Nowry (55 kg, Army/WCAP), RaVaughn Perkins (72 kg, NYAC), Cheney Haight (82 kg, NYAC), Adam Coon (130 kg, NYAC/Cliff Keen)
SILVER: Ryan Mango (63 kg, Army/WCAP), Ellis Coleman (67 kg, Army/WCAP), Kamal Bey (77 kg, Sunkist), G’Angelo Hancock (97 kg, Sunkist)
BRONZE: Patrick Martinez (87 kg, NYAC)

Easter Wrestling Tournament (NED) — 4/21/19 (U15, CADET, & JR)
GOLD: Sloan Johanssen (38 kg, U15), Ayson Rice (41 kg, U15), Joel Adams (48 kg, U15), Gavin Chapman (57 kg, U15), Riley Hollingshead (55 kg, CADET), Billy Sullivan (55 kg, JR), Kellyn March (63 kg, JR)
SILVER: Trevon Oehme (35 kg, U15), Koye Grebel (48 kg, U15), Ashton Keller (52 kg, U15), Trason Oehme (45 kg, CADET), Otto Cate-Cribari (51 kg, CADET)
BRONZE: Jarrett Roos (62 kg, U15), Adam Allard (60 kg, JR)

Sassari City Int’l/Matteo Pellicone Memorial (ITA) — 5/23/19 (SR)
SILVER: G’Angelo Hancock (97 kg, Sunkist)

Pan American Championships (GUA) 6/5/19 (JR)
GOLD: Hunter Lewis (63 kg, Advance/Ringers), Lee Herrington (130 kg, Golden Eagles WC)
SILVER: Haiden Drury (60 kg, Takedown Express), Isaiah Alford (77 kg, MWC), Max Wohlabaugh (82 kg, Clarion RTC), Keaton Fanning (87 kg, NMU/OTS), Braxton Amos (97 kg, WV)
BRONZE: Billy Sullivan (55 kg, LOG), Benji Peak (67 kg, Sunkist/OTS)

World Combat Games (HUN) — 6/19/19 (U15)
GOLD: Aden Valencia (38 kg, AWA), Paul Kelly (41 kg, Sunkist), Zach Silvis (44 kg, PINnacle), Jaden Skellenger (62 kg, Suples), Tyler Antoniak (68 kg, MWC)
BRONZE: Joel Adams (48 kg, LOG), Andrew Blackburn-Forst (85 kg, Lockport Junior Porters WC)

Pan Am Championships (MEX) — 6/28/19 (CADET)
GOLD: Daniel Sheen (45 kg, Izzy Style), Joey Fischer (48 kg, Team Nauman), Jesse Mendez (60 kg, Bulldog Premier WC),  Robert Perez III (65 kg, ABG), John Best (71 kg, WV), Jack Darrah (80 kg, Xtreme Training), Michael Misita (92 kg, Seagull WC), Braxton Mikesell (110 kg, Central Valley WC)
BRONZE: Nico Provo (51 kg, Southside WC)

Wladyslaw Pytlasinski Memorial (POL) — 8/3/19 (SR)
BRONZE: Max Nowry (55 kg, Army/WCAP), Ryan Mango (63 kg, Army/WCAP), Ray Bunker (72 kg, Marines), John Stefanowicz (82 kg, Marines)

Pan American Games (PER) — 8/8/19 (SR)
GOLD: Patrick Smith (77 kg, Minnesota Storm)
SILVER: G’Angelo Hancock (97 kg, Sunkist)
BRONZE: Ildar Hafizov (60 kg, Army/WCAP), Ellis Coleman (67 kg, Army/WCAP)

World Championships (EST) — 8/18/19 (JR)
SILVER: Cohlton Schultz (130 kg, Sunkist)
BRONZE: Alston Nutter (63 kg, Sunkist/OTS), Peyton Omania (67 kg, MSU/CYC)

Military World Games (CHN) — 10/23/19 (SR)
BRONZE: Ildar Hafizov (60 kg, Army/WCAP)

Klippan Cup (SWE) — 10/26/19 (SR)
GOLD: Sean Sesnan (60 kg, NMU/OTS)
SILVER: Payton Jacobson (60 kg, TWC)
BRONZE: Tommy Brackett (82 kg, NMU/OTS), Timothy Eubanks (87 kg, NMU/OTS)

Pan American Games (PAN) — 11/1/19 (U15)
GOLD: Elias Navida (38 kg), Paul Kelly (44 kg), Greyson Clark (48 kg), Jayden Colon (57 kg), Braden Stauffenberg (62 kg), Thor Michaelson (68 kg), Antony Tuttle (75 kg), Nathan Wemstrom (85 kg)

Malar Cupen (SWE) — 11/3/19 (U15 & SR)
GOLD: Spencer Woods (77 kg, NYAC/OTS, SR), Riker Graff (38 kg, U15), Luke Lilledahl (41 kg, U15)
SILVER: Tommy Brackett (82 kg, NMU/OTS, SR), Timothy Eubanks (97 kg, NMU/OTS, SR)
BRONZE: Marcos Torrez (52 kg, U15)

This is the real dawn of the Olympic Year

Now that the U23 tournament is out of the way, and as mentioned above, the multiple age-group monstrosity known as the Malar Cupen, the tournaments that matter most belong to the Seniors — and it all starts in less than two weeks at the annual Bill Farrell Memorial held at the New York Athletic Club.

The Bill Farrell Memorial will mark the first opportunity those in need of qualifying for the US Olympic Trials in April can do so (highest-placing American in each category). Just as importantly, the tournament is expected to invite its fair share of chaos since there are many athletes dropping down (or moving up) to Olympic weight classes, which means that each bracket should be suitably stacked with high-profile and/or up-and-coming names.

After that, a sizable group of Seniors, including recent World Teamers, will head off to Tbilisi, Georgia for a two-week training camp. During this same interim, another delegation will be touching down in St. Petersburg, Russia ahead of the Lavrikov Memorial. Finally, all of this (international) activity will be capped — in order — by the Haparanda Cup (Sweden) and the Haavisto Cup (Finland) before everyone comes home in time for the Nationals/Olympic Trials Qualifier in Fort Worth, Texas set to begin on December 20.


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