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Watch Won Chol Jon Gut Someone to Oblivion

Won Chol Jon

Everyone likes fast scoring. One of the elements that makes Greco so exciting is that a wrestler can pile up points in a hurry to end a match. And when this happens, it is often a case of one guy getting a run on a move and going with it. Won Chol Jon (PRK) is our latest example.

Most know that a gutwrench is a major scoring hold in the international styles, specifically Greco. And most also probably know that some of the best wrestlers in the world make sure they master different ways to execute one. We just covered some of the variations US star Andy Bisek goes to, so let’s look at another – the trapped-arm gutwrench. This is what Won Jol Chon used on Tsuchika Shimoyamada (JPN) in the repechage at the Asian Championships, which led to a quick eight points and a snappy victory.

Won Chol Jon gutwrench

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that Jon positively jumped on Shimoyamada. He hardly waited for the referee to acknowledge the position and immediately got his trap-arm lock. The second thing is that he actually lost the arm after the second roll. By then it didn’t matter – the train was already leaving the station. All he did from there was keep his legs moving and his grip tight.

We like to highlight some fun clips every now and then because they are easy watches and also, to shed a little light on some notable scoring techniques. This might not have been a marquee match-up or the finals of a tournament, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t enjoyable to watch. Feel free to practice this at home on your friends!

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