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Coming Soon: 5PM United States Greco-Roman Rankings

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Photo: Tony Rotundo

For the first time, Five Point Move will soon present Greco-Roman rankings for United States athletes, beginning with the six Olympic weight categories. Following the Tokyo Olympic Games, rankings will become available for all weight classes.

The 5PM rankings — scheduled for release in two weeks — are determined through a multi-part process. Eligible wrestlers were measured according to a variety of factors, including the application of numerical values associated with tournament placings, similar in concept to United World Wrestling’s “Ranking Series”, with a key difference in two distinct areas: results from domestic events were considered and tabulated; also, international tournaments were and will be separated into two “tiers” relative to their perceived level of competition. Head-to-head results among United States athletes were also observed within the top-5 rankings of each weight category and appropriated on a case-by-case basis.

One aspect of our system that may be seen as a departure from others is the “Prior Year Reduction Clause”. The 5PM Greco rankings that will be unveiled on September 17 acknowledge results dating back to the start of the current Olympic cycle. However, point values assigned to placings/results from past seasons are reduced in an effort to prioritize relevancy. The thought behind this is simple: development, consistent performance, and competitive efficiency deserve recognition, but should be suitably balanced by an athlete’s age, experience, and achievements.

It should be noted that results from the abbreviated 2019-20 season will not see a reduction until after the Olympics.

Prior Year Reduction Clause

  • 2018-19 — -2%
  • 2017-18 — -3%
  • 2016-17 — -4%

A subjective element is most significantly involved with the 5PM Greco-Roman rankings when classifying athletes who have changed weight classes for the Olympic Year. More than several accomplished rank-eligible wrestlers have either chosen to compete in new or different weight categories — or will eventually do so. Because these athletes require inclusion based on previous performances/point accumulation, but have perhaps not competed recently in an Olympic weight (if at all), their positions in our rankings have been decided via our ranking committee, which includes a collection of retired Senior Greco-Roman competitors who are not affiliated in an official capacity with any club or sponsor.

Event Tiers

A delineation must be created and realized when discussing the merits of participation and placement at Senior international Greco-Roman events. For instance, there are annual tournaments reputed for their difficulty and quality of competition, and there are some that although may offer challenges, are not of the same competitive consistency. Because performance at international/foreign events is a ranking factor for US athletes in our system, events are divided into two tiers. 

Tier 1 Events

CISM World Military Championships/Games
Golden Grand Prix (AZE)
Grand Prix of Germany (GER)
Grand Prix Zagreb Open (CRO)
Granma Cup (CUB)
Hungarian Grand Prix (HUN)
Matteo Pellicone Memorial/Sassari City International (ITA)
Nikola Petrov Memorial (BUL)
Pan-American Championships
Pan-American Games
Pan-American Olympic Qualifier
Tbilisi Grand Prix (GEO)
Thor Masters (DEN)
Wladyslaw Pytlasinski Memorial Cup (POL)

Tier 2 Events

Bill Farrell Memorial/New York Athletic Club Open (USA)
Dave Schultz Memorial (USA)
Grand Prix of Paris (FRA)
Grand Prix of Spain (ESP)
Haavisto Cup (FIN)
Haparanda Cup (SWE)
Klippan Cup (SWE)
Malar Cupen (SWE)

What You Need to Know for Now

  • Point values associated with tournaments/events will be made available upon the release of our rankings on September 17.
  • Age-group Trials (Cadet, Junior, University, and U23) are not considered, but results from their corresponding World events are.
  • The annual Armed Forces Championships are seen as an exclusive domestic event, and therefore not acknowledged except when used for head-to-head results.
  • Following the US Nationals (October 9-11), updated rankings will appear first on FLOWrestling before subsequently being displayed on this platform.

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