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Jason Bryant Interview on Greco at the ’20 Olympic Trials

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There were plenty of notes, items, and storylines for Mat Talk Online founder Jason Bryant to discuss following the 2020 US Olympic Team Trials last week. He would know, he was there in person. Bryant was one of two announcers in Fort Worth along with Dorothy Mayabb, and they were both fortunate enough to witness all of the drama that has a habit of revealing itself during the nation’s premier selection process event.

Bryant, who has interviewed thousands of wrestling figures throughout his hall of fame broadcasting career, could have tabbed any number of guests with whom to speak after the Trials. Top male freestyle stars, leg-grabbing scribes who cover them, or familiar coaches from familiar programs — they all would have been happy to pop on Bryant’s Short Time podcast in the afterglow of such a monster tournament. But instead of staying inside of that box, Bryant did what he always does — which is try to build other voices from around the sport and give them an opportunity to reach a mass audience.

So he went with two names to kick off post-Trials week: Gabriel Lord-Klein of women’s freestyle outlet Transition Wrestling; and this writer to hit on the more pertinent Greco topics which arose out of the ashes of such a memorable but chaotic weekend.

The full episode of the podcast is embedded above highlighting the Trial finals for Greco-Roman with mini insights on many of the athletes. In addition, Bryan answers some questions, as well, which is quite entertaining given his vast knowledge of Greco and expansive resume covering the international styles. It should be mentioned that Mat Talk Online is also the distributor of The Five Point Move Podcast, but that hardly scratches the surface. Jason Bryant has been instrumental in this platform’s overall growth since the very beginning, and his support is enduringly appreciated. No one has done more to promote and present wrestling in the United States than him, nor has anyone done it better. It really is that simple.

Note: Episode 48 of the Five Point Move Podcast will be released this coming week. 

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