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US Greco Wrestlers To Be Included in Beat the Streets Time Square Event

Spenser Mango US Greco team

In what has become an annual tradition, USA Wrestling in conjunction with Beat the Streets, Inc have announced the next spring event, which is slated for May 19th in Times Square (NYC). Although typically headlined by freestyle competitors, this year’s showdown (with Iran) will feature several US Greco athletes, as well. Who will be competing exactly hasn’t been made public just yet, but we can think of several worthy candidates from the American side. Of course, a lot depends on what happens in Iowa City at the trials, so this might get even more convoluted as the event nears.

Potential US Greco Competitors for Times Square

Since it is likely only a small handful of Greco guys will be making their way to New York City, the list of candidates is probably pretty short. Here are our guesses for some of the weights and a reason or two why they might be chosen. Although the Olympic Trials probably will probably determine who actually goes, the candidates listed below may or may not be our picks to actually make the squad for Rio. That will come at a later time.

Spenser Mango (59 kg)

How USAW could have a public relations showcase and not march out the two-time Olympian for the world to see would be a bummer. In what might perhaps be his last ride through the limelight, Mango would be the perfect choice should he prevail at the trials, which thanks to the presence of Ildar Hafizov, is no longer a gimme.

Ellis Coleman (66 kg)

Not sure this is a pick for the trials, because Saddoris and Perkins are gigantic threats. But Coleman would be a welcomed addition to the card simply because he is capable of putting on a show win or lose. Seriously, who would be more entertaining than Coleman to greet someone like Mehdi Zeidvand if he were to make the trip?

Andrew Bisek (75 kg)

Nah, it’s gotta be Bisek. No matter what. He’s a cult hero, for crying out loud.

Ben Provisor (85 kg)

Whichever weight Provisor finds himself walking around at come May would be fine. But whether or not Provisor makes it out of the trials, having him compete at an event like this would be great to keep him primed and ready for whatever the next bunch of months means to his career.

Robby Smith (130 kg)

Provided Iran is bringing Behnam Mehdizadeh (which they probably won’t), this is a match-up that makes too much sense. Both would need it, and these two big guys going toe-to-toe in the warm spring air in that environment might bring some fireworks.


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