Team Foxcatcher Documentary Trailer Released

Team Foxcatcher documentary
Team Foxcatcher premiers on Netflix April 29th

After years in the making, the official Team Foxcatcher documentary trailer has finally been released. The film, which includes tons of home video footage courtesy of the Schultz family and others, is slated to premier at the Tribeca Film Festival ahead of becoming available on the streaming giant Netflix come late April.

This is all on the heels of Foxcatcher, the major motion picture distributed by Sony, which was supposed to cover Mark Schultz’s relationship with John E. DuPont, and ESPN’s 30 for 30: The Prince of Pennsylvania. The ESPN production, which is offered up in a documentary style as well, rounded out the story from the perspective of the athletes who trained at the infamous Foxcatcher Farm. This time the viewpoint is coming to you straight from the Schultz family.

Here’s a look at the Team Foxcatcher documentary trailer for those who might not have caught it yet.

Team Foxcatcher is brought to you through the eyes of Dave Schultz’s widow, Nancy. Whereas the ESPN production focused on offering a look inside the Pennsylvania compound and what life was like there for the wrestlers, this documentary is intended to provide a more intimate scope of how the Schultz family endured, along with Nancy’s own interpretations of the man who wound up murdering her husband. It is no doubt going to be a heartwarming and heart-wrenching experience, but one every wrestler is going to sign up for.

Opinion: You might think the world is a little “Foxcatchered out”, but that isn’t the case. Part of the reason might be because the Sony film was a giant mess, regardless of how the performances were received. Plus – its usage of Dave as part of the storyline was kind of misleading, not to mention muddled and rushed. It’s an  especially confusing flick for viewers who might not have had any previous context to operate with. Foxcatcher also isn’t an easy watch (of course), and it’s not supposed to be. But it wasn’t supposed to be a drawn out, confusing mish-mosh of a tale, either.

Wrestlers who weren’t old enough to know about Dave Schultz or witness him in action deserve to glean a more personal look at who he was. The theatrical film was not a friendly look into the life of one of America’s most charismatic and talented wrestlers but instead, an art piece designed to imply odd dynamics between characters that were never there. Nancy Schultz’s Team Foxcatcher documentary, which was conceived well before the Sony picture even entered production, hopes to change all that. The story should be about what Dave meant to his family and why it is such a God-awful tragedy he was taken away. Judging by the first trailer, that is exactly what we get.

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