Episode 60 of the Five Point Move Podcast with Sullivan & Scott

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Billy Sullivan -- Photo: Sam Janicki; Justus Scott -- Photo: Tony Rotundo

Episode 60 of the Five Point Move Podcast welcomes in two new voices to the show, though neither is exactly new when it comes to Greco-Roman coverage on this platform: Billy Sullivan (55 kg, Army/WCAP) and Justus Scott (72 kg, Army/WCAP).

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Unique circumstances are present. Sullivan and Scott are close friends (and now roommates) dating back to their time as youth wrestlers in Nevada. Their friendship has in recent years been accompanied by advancement through the ranks of Greco-Roman competition. In 2021, they both made the USA U20 World Team; a short time later, the duo joined Army’s World Class Athletes Program together; Scott in particular exploded on the Senior level in ’23 by winning the US Open; and late last month, Sullivan won the U23 World Trials at 55 kg while Scott prevailed at 72, which of course means that the pair will be World Teammates for a second time in three years.

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Several key topics are discussed in E60 pertaining to Sullivan and Scott. First up is an overview of their ’24 U23 Trials victories in conjunction with returning to their normal weight classes following the Olympic selection season. Another is coaching, in particular their respective dynamics with Army assistant coach Spenser Mango, and how Mango has impacted them on and off the mat. Also, both wrestlers provide perspectives on the presentation of the Olympic Trials and what it was like competing in that type of environment. How the tandem plans on preparing for the World Championships is explored, as well.

A Few Highlights

Scott on returning to 72 kg following stints at 67 and 77 prior to the Olympic Trials

“It felt really good. The weight came off nice and easy, and it felt like I was right back at home. I definitely feel the most comfortable at 72, so it felt really good being there again.”

Sullivan on the U23 Worlds not being scheduled as late as it had been in other years

“I like that it is in that short time just because we are going to be hitting our training cycle leading to Pan-Ams, and that’s in 18 days when we leave. Then there is not that much of a gap until we leave for the Worlds. It feels like the train is going to keep rolling into then and allow us to continuously get better until that point.”

Sullivan on being coached by Spenser Mango

“It’s awesome. Coach is awesome. Everything he does for us and the team, it is always for us. We can ask him any questions that we need and always get help from him. He runs our practices amazingly. It has gotten so much better since being here. He is one of the best coaches in the country, if not the world.”

Scott on watching Sullivan clinch the U23 World spot before Scott’s series against Noah Wachsmuth was decided

“It got me hyped up, you know? Because I can’t have him make the Team and me not also be on it. It did give me a little push to make it.”

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